Carleton Student tears down a free speech wall

The student who found what was written on a free speech wall to be 'offensive'.

Credits: Facebook


The Carleton student who found the notion of a free speech wall so offensive that he tore it down is defending his vandalism by saying he was protecting an inclusive safe space.

"Inclusive safe spaces are not places where you can have unregulated free speech, unregulated free speech is something that leads to hate speech every single time," said Arun Smith who is in his seventh year studying human rights and sexuality.

When asked who gets to decide what is and is not offensive on the Ottawa university campus Smith told Sun News Network host Ezra Levant it was a collective and societal responsibility, but not necessarily based on voting or percentages

"We have to operate on affect and harm to marginalized communities," said Smith.

The large board with paper wrapped around it was put up by the Carleton Students for Liberty group in a high traffic area and encouraged pupils to write what they felt. It was intended to prove that free speech was alive and well on university grounds.

Students had penned things like "queers are awesome" and "abortions are only killing a parasite" and "traditional marriage is awesome."

When Smith decided to destroy the property he posted a lengthy explanation on Facebook about it and later defended the act on Twitter, posting: "Not every opinion is valid, nor deserving of expression"

The student liberty group has since put up a new board and hope it doesn't get trashed.

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