Jimmy Kimmel to appear on Ford Nation YouTube show


Credits: Stan Behal/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency


TORONTO -- Mayor Rob Ford's re-election campaign is ramping up this week and Councillor Doug Ford is promising more Hollywood theatrics.

Doug Ford revealed Monday that Jimmy Kimmel -- the comedian who interviewed the mayor last week -- will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the Fords' YouTube show.

"If it was up to (challenger John Tory) and (NDP MP) Olivia Chow, they'd make sure it was winter all the way to October," Doug Ford, the mayor's campaign manager, told QMI Agency.

"When the snow melts -- have you ever seen Braveheart when the guys are coming over the hill? That's going to be Ford Nation coming at these guys. That strength is the ground game."

The Ford camp will be opening an east-end campaign office to rev up Ford Nation on both sides of the city.

Despite the ongoing crack cocaine scandal and police investigation, Ford dismissed the idea that Ford Nation will fail to rise up in support the embattled mayor as he goes to the polls Oct. 27.

Like in 2010, the Ford campaign will have two election offices -- one in Scarborough at Lawrence Ave. E. and Warden Ave., and one in Etobicoke.

Kimmel will be joining the Ford brothers on their Ford Nation YouTube show via Skype, according to Ford.

The Fords are also working on a putting on a version of their Ford Nation online show with a live audience.

"It will go worldwide," Doug Ford said.

As rumours swirl that Chow could jump into the mayor's race as early as next week, the Doug Ford wasn't sweating her arrival.

"I'll walk her right to the polls myself," Doug Ford said. "She'll take eight to 10 points off Tory overnight and she's not going to take one point off of Rob. I want to get her in."

The mayor, meanwhile, continued his blitz of Toronto Community Housing buildings on Monday with a tour of a Trethewey Dr. site.

Mayor Ford dismissed the idea he was campaigning on the taxpayers' dime with the housing visits.

"Helping people out," Ford said as he left City Hall. "I've only done it for 14 years."

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