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September 2012

September 30th, 2012

Keeping airports safe
RCMP Sgt. G. Sidhu vows to jail the elusive bombers of Air India Flight 182 who killed 329 people.

Inmate escapes from Quebec prison
An inmate of Quebec's Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines federal prison escaped Saturday, Corrections Canada said.

Winnipeg jail guards accused of assaulting prisoner
Three Winnipeg jail guards have been fired after allegedly assaulting an inmate.

Pedophile arrested at Vancouver airport after serving time in Thailand
A pedophile who'd spent the last five years in a Thai jail cell for sexually abusing children was arrested in Vancouver.

KUC students, staff would welcome Khadr in the classroom
Students at King's University College in Edmonton are willing to offer convicted terrorist Omar Khadr a second chance.

Agreement reached on Metis hunting rights
The province and the Manitoba Metis Federation signed an agreement that gives Metis the hunting rights aboriginals do.

Terrorists have spared Canada: top anti-terror cop
Terrorists have spared Canada from a major attack because they see the country as a place to raise money.

Cruiser driven by Quebec cop killed in crash under safety recall
The cruiser driven by a police officer who crashed and later died was the subject of a General Motors safety recall.

Jail officials mum as Khadr settles in at 'Guantanamo North'
The scene outside the maximum-security federal prison here on Saturday was eerily, unexpectedly quiet

Jail officials mum as Khadr settles in at 'Guantanamo North'
The scene outside the maximum-security federal prison here on Saturday was eerily, unexpectedly quiet.

September 29th, 2012

Man on Most Wanted list arrested in Toronto
The 30th person on the Canada Border Services Agency's most wanted list was nabbed Thursday.

Surviving Devil's Brigade member to receive Congressional Gold Medal
Today’s soldiers could certainly learn a thing or two from this seasoned veteran of three wars.

Bluenose II relaunched in Nova Scotia
One of Canada's most famous schooners, Bluenose II, was relaunched in Lunenburg, N.S. Saturday.

Canada, US launch project to strengthen border security
The Canada Border Services Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have a project to improve border security.

Cyber attackers hit Canadian energy companies
The federal government said it is working to protect itself and industry stakeholders after a cyber attack.

Guitar Hero and Pimp My Ride among video game collection at Manitoba jail
The video game collection at one Manitoba jail could nearly fill the shelves of a video store, new documents show.

Quebec fined for not accommodating obese prisoner
Quebec's human rights commission fined the province's public security ministry for not reasonably an obese detainee.

MPP deplores delayed action on youth violence
Alvin Curling says he's disappointed it's taken a summer of gang murders to put the problem back in the spotlight.

Khadr back in Canada Saturday: reports
Media reports say that convicted terrorist Omar Khadr is expected to arrive in Canada Saturday.

Quebec brew wins at the World Beer Awards
Unibroue, a brewery based in Quebec, bagged two awards, including World's Best Belgian Style Witbier.

September 28th, 2012

Gardeners bereft over theft of 200-pound pumpkin
A 200-plus-pound pumpkin has vanished from a community garden.

Video catches accused Winnipeg house party killer in a lie
A suspect in a shooting told police he had no active role in the bloodshed, only to be caught on video in his lie.

Alberta cops acted in self defence in shooting man with axe: Watchdog
Two Calgary cops acted in self defence when they fired shots at a man holding an axe, an investigation ruled.

Dog rescue operator accused of having 'deplorable' shelter
A woman who runs a charity that rehabilitates death row dogs, is accused of failing to provide them with adequate care.

Canadian energy firm hit by cyber attack
Telvent Canada confirmed the cyber attack in a statement Thursday, but wouldn't provide many details.

Accused in chained teen case has previous sex charges
One of the men on the run in a horrific case of confinement is also awaiting trial on other sex charges against children

Alleged Edmonton terrorist said he was just talking, court hears
A rambling interrogation of an alleged Edmonton terrorist by two US agents ended with a philosophical discussion.

Convicted sex offender accuses victim of lying for money
Just before a judge sentenced him to five years for sexually assaulting a young boy, Wesley Alton insisted he's innocent

Windsor port may be playing role in Montreal Mafia wars
The Port of Windsor in southwestern Ontario is playing a pivotal role in the Mafia wars that have plagued Montreal.

Toronto man accused in $1M green energy scam
A Toronto man is accused of bilking investors out of $1 million with a green energy scam.

Ontario teen threatens to cut off another teen’s finger
A student who didn't want another dating his former girlfriend planned to cut off the boy’s finger & mail it to his ex.

Northern train makes its last run
The last Northlander train from Toronto to North Bay and Cochrane trundled out of Union Station on Friday.

McD's staffer who turned in lost wad of cash praised by cops
With the cash she found at McDonald's, Chelsey Walker could have gone to Las Vegas or Mexico for a little vacation.

Jury to decide if doc can face trial on sex charges
Two juries will hear the case of a former court psychiatrist accused of sexual abuse.

Killer wants videos of alleged jailhouse mistreatment
A convicted killer says he has video proof jailhouse guards mistreated him while he was in custody.

Police arrest suspect for alleged shock torture
A 20-day manhunt ended Friday when police north of the city arrested a man in a brutal case of torture.

Bras can hold weapons, knives, crackpipes: Cop
Nearly two hours after she was given jail garb, a topless female prisoner had yet to put it on, Ottawa police testified.

Ontario man stabbed pages of Bible to girlfriend's chest
A Christian confessed he “lost it” when he fatally bludgeoned his girlfriend and stabbed pages of the Bible to her.

Less than 2 years for perv pharmacist for luring, groping boy
A pharmacist who lured and molested one young boy he met online and harassed a second was sentenced to almost two years.

September 27th, 2012

Chained teen said he heard captors talk about selling him
The teen who police say escaped from a Nova Scotia home heard his captors talk about selling him, his rescuer says.

Judge backs bid to consolidate Russell Williams’ civil cases
The continuing civil cases against killer Russell Williams should be grouped to speed things along, a judge ruled.

Man was trying to eat dog alive: Witnesses
Witnesses allege the man who viciously attacked a dog on a downtown street Wednesday was trying to eat the animal alive.

History of murder charges for man accused in teen's slaying
A suspect nabbed by Winnipeg police for a teenage boy's murder has twice been charged in two other city slayings.

Guy Lombardo bust defaced with Hitler mustache
A bust of famed Canadian bandmaster Guy Lombardo has been defaced by vandals.

Nova Scotia girl granted anonymity in Facebook fight
A Nova Scotia girl will be able to pursue a civil defamation suit against a Facebook cyber-bully.

Man convicted in China of BC murder 10 years ago
Speechless, numb, and paralyzed were words used by the mother of a student killed here by her boyfriend 10 years ago.

Man who crashed into Ottawa couple at bus stop sentenced to 18 months
Simon Banke was sentenced to 18 months in jail for crashing his car into an Ottawa bus stop, killing a couple.

Calgary cancer faker pleads guilty to fraud
The Calgary man who faked cancer to swindled cash at a fundraiser pleaded guilty Thursday to fraud.

Manitoba man nets 11 years for 'brutal' rape
A Little Black River First Nation man convicted of raping his brother's ex has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

No evidence prisoner was suicidal, court hears
An Ottawa Police cellblock constable testified that he didn't challenge his superior when he cut off a woman's bra.

Jack Tobin granted full parole
Jack Tobin, son of former Newfoundland premier Brian Tobin, was granted full parole Thursday.

Toronto school board web link offers kinky (vegetarian) sex advice
An astounding link on the Toronto school board website entices children to experiment sexually with vegetables.

Cop charged in cheese-smuggling case
A Niagara Regional Police officer and two Fort Erie, ON, men have been charged with a “large-scale smuggling scheme”.

Toronto photographer accused in sexual assault at studio, police say
A photographer is accused of plying a model with drugs and sexually assaulting her during a photo shoot at his studio.

Canada plays a vital role in airport security, war on terror
Canada plays a vital role in airport security and the ongoing fight against terror, says a well-known US cop.

New trial for cops accused of lying under oath
Two cops accused of lying under oath will face a new trial after a Manitoba Court of Appeal ruling Thursday.

Sex abuse by stepfather 'shattered' victim's life: Judge
A man who subjected his stepdaughter to near-nightly sexual abuse, including virginity checks was sentenced Thursday.

Genetic materials remain focus in Highway of Tears cases
RCMP scientists will continue to resubmit DNA to Interpol after it was confirmed a dead US convict killed one victim.

Canada's population getting older and moving west: StatsCan
Canadians are getting older and moving west, according to estimates from Statistics Canada.

September 26th, 2012

Toronto school board reportedly listening to calls for all-gay high school
Voices from the gay community are calling for an all-gay high school.; The Toronto school board is reportedly listening.

Police arrest 'elusive' riot suspect
The Stanley Cup riot's "most elusive" suspect has been arrested at his Saskatchewan workplace and charged with assault.

Public, media shut out of meeting on all-gay high school
A group from the city's gay community calling for a queer-centric high school shut the public out of their meeting.

Enbridge boss aims for zero oil leaks
In the face of mounting opposition, the head of Enbridge urged his industry colleagues to strive for zero leaks.

Canadian $2 bill expected to sell for $20K
A $2 bill with a rare number-letter combination is expected to fetch up to $20,000 at a two-day Toronto auction.

Construction firms were regular visitors to Mafia lair
Video footage at a public inquiry showed Montreal-area construction entrepreneurs divvying up cash with Mafia bigwigs.

No foul play in train fatality
Police have identified the 32-year-old male victim in Tuesday's collision with a VIA train but aren't releasing his name

Family of Highway of Tears victim Gale Weys speaks
Two younger siblings of 1973 murder victim Gale Weys spoke of their sister's passion for making the world a better place

Nova Scotia police seek two men accused of confining and sexually assaulting teen
Police in Nova Scotia are on the hunt for two men accused of forcibly confining and sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

Man accused of trying to murder a mother and daughter with screwdriver
A man is accused of trying to murder a mother and daughter after busting into their apartment armed with a screwdriver.

Stanley Cup rioter avoids jail time
A Stanley Cup rioter who broke into two downtown stores multiple times was handed a six-month conditional sentence.

MB social worker wants interview in Phoenix Sinclair confidential
A social worker says she faces workplace backlash if MB releases her interview with lawyers in advance of her testimony.

Ottawa man guilty of raping teen runaway who came to his aid
A mentally-ill man was convicted of raping a "childlike" 14-year-old runaway who helped him after he was robbed.

Cop cleared from charge of exposing penis
A cop has been cleared of any wrongdoing after a woman claimed he had exposed his erect penis to her.

Alberta judge warns 'vexatious litigants' abusing legal system
An Ab judge has exposed a group of “vexatious litigants” and is warning them their misconduct will not be tolerated.

Manitoba child welfare lags behind: Auditor
Manitoba's child welfare system has been moving at a snail's pace, the provincial auditor general reported Wednesday.

Terror suspect denies charges, says he is a 'peaceful man'
An alleged terrorist admitted to police he had phone and Internet conversations relating to terrorist activity.

Victim beaten with artificial leg
A store owner who assaulted a customer with his artificial leg will return to court in November for sentencing.

Ottawa cop uses police data to find information on former lover's partner
A veteran Ottawa cop has been temporarily demoted for using police databases to find information on a former lover.

September 25th, 2012

Hells Angels paid $25,000 for each murdered rival: Crown
Details are emerging about biker brutality, including an allegation Hells Angels paid $25,000 for every murdered rival.

More E. coli cases under investigation in Alberta
Health officials are now investigating at least eight cases of E. coli, though so far none are linked to the beef recall

Ottawa transit disputes injured rider's story
A wheelchair-bound senior said he was left bleeding on the floor of public transit bus has finally received an apology.

Pedestrian killed in collision with VIA train
A VIA passenger train en route from Toronto to Kingston struck and killed a person late Tuesday afternoon.

Marois won't push Harper at foreign meeting: Spokeswoman
Marois insists she won't corner Harper on domestic issues during their first face-to-face meeting next month.

Killer ex-doc taking unescorted bike rides
A doctor found not criminally responsible for killing his two young children, is allowed to take unescorted bike rides.

eHealth consultant busted for blackmail threats
Police have charged a man with harassment after he allegedly collected private photos of a government employee.

Toronto school board questioned for polygamy-promoting posters
The Toronto school board is denying it's promoting polygamy with a poster campaign for gender-based violence prevention.

H1N1 variant found in Ontario: Medical officer of health
An Ontario man has been confirmed to be infected with an H1N1 variant influenza virus.

Teen with rare condition seeks help outside Canada, but OHIP won’t pay
Erika Crawford was diagnosed with a rare disorder that left her susceptible to a sudden movement that will kill her.

Judge concerned by Calgary teen rapist's mental state
The judge who will be asked to sentence a teen for raping his young brother remains concerned his mental age is just six

Alberta wildlife officers seize hundreds of illegal antlers
Undercover Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers have dismantled a big-game trafficking racket.

No answers yet on CBC absenteeism
The head of the CBC cannot explain why his employees are absent almost twice as often than private sector workers.

Dead US prisoner responsible for 'Highway of Tears' slaying: RCMP
Mounties say a now-dead US prisoner is responsible for the murder of 16-year-old Colleen MacMillen.

20 trapped Saskatchewan miners freed
20 miners who were trapped underground in a potash mine that caught fire in Saskatchewan have been freed.

Sam the Record Man leaves a legacy
Sam "the Record Man" Sniderman changed Canadian culture, the congregation at his funeral heard Tuesday.

September 24th, 2012

BC premier's chief of staff steps down over 'inappropriate' incident
BC Premier Christy Clark’s chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool, has resigned over an “incident of concern."

Sam the Record Man mourned
Sam Sniderman, founder of the Sam the Record Man music store chain, has died, according to media reports.

Cops make an arrest in dorm room sex assault
Cops have a arrested a man in connection with the rape of a young woman who was sleeping in her dorm room early Sunday.

Survivor 'angry' after alleged war criminal extradited from Alberta
After an alleged war criminal was extradited to the US, a survivor of the massacre is hopeful justice will be served.

Cop’s actions meant to punish prisoner: Crown
A police sergeant cut off a woman’s shirt and bra in the cellblock and left her to punish her the Crown argued.

Dog found hanging in owner’s yard
An Orono, ON family is “distraught” after finding their dog hanging in their backyard.

Dog starts fire in Saskatchewan kitchen
A dog started a kitchen fire at a home in Saskatoon on a Sunday afternoon.

Man accused of trying to abduct toddler
An Ontario man is accused of trying to abduct and sexually assault a two-year-old in Toronto.

Anti-Japanese sign just a drunken joke, says bar owner
Signage suggesting Japanese customers were not welcome at a Calgary karaoke joint caused quite the stir on the weekend.

Cat mutilation photos spark investigation
Pictures of a mutilated cat on the Vancouver section of gossip website have sparked a BC SPCA investigation

Naked Calgary cyclist gropes woman: Cops
Police are looking for a naked cyclist who they say sexually assaulted a woman on the weekend.

RCMP to announce major development in Highway of Tears investigation
Mounties in BC will announce on Tuesday a significant investigation into 18 missing and murdered women.

Terror suspect to arresting Mounties: Am I on Candid Camera?
While being arrested, an alleged Edmonton terrorist asked if the RCMP takedown was a Candid Camera episode.

Montreal mobsters involved in New York Mafia disputes, 'Donnie Brasco' says
Montreal mobsters were so close to New York's Bonanno crime family they testified in internal mediation meetings.

McGuinty Liberals gas plant move costs taxpayers $40 million
Energy Minister Chris Bentley announced a surprise deal with TransCanada Energy to move an unpopular gas plant.

Crown wants five months jail for riot ‘inciter’
A Stanley Cup rioter who "set the tone" at the outset of the June 2011 mayhem deserves four to five months in jail.

September 23rd, 2012

Thieves use mechanical shovel to break into bank
Would-be robbers used a mechanical shovel to tear down the wall of a bank north of Quebec City early Sunday morning.

Dewar questions Canada's role in joint UK diplomatic missions
A new agreement with the UK being announced today shows that Canada is happy to be a pawn in Britain's diplomatic game.

Dangerous car thief on the run with his dog
Saskatchewan police are on the hunt for a Calgary man who is on the run with his dog.

"We want to kill this guy": Hundreds protest film in Toronto
Muslim-Canadians made their displeasure and anger clear as they protested opposite the US Consulate on Saturday.

Dozens attend funeral for Edmonton girl, 2, whose parents face charges
Four men shouldered the tiny, bright pink casket of a two-year-old girl into a waiting hearse after a funeral service.

September 22nd, 2012

NS police charge members of biker gang with intimidation
Police in Nova Scotia charged three members of the Bacchus Outlaw Motorcycle Group.

Canadian officer's conduct unbecoming
A high-ranking officer has been fined $2,500 after pleading guilty to signing a document.

Pauingassi man, 52, drowns on Fishing Lake
The body of a 52-year-old Pauingassi First Nation man was pulled from Fishing Lake Friday night.

Unclear what caused fatal taxi crash in Winnipeg, police say
Without clear surveillance footage, Winnipeg police are struggling to determine what caused a fatal taxi crash.

Natives celebrate anniversary of country's largest land claim settlement
Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the signing of Canada's largest land claim settlement in any region.

How a colonel became a killer: Book excerpt
Writer Cal Millar and Toronto Sun reporter Ian Robertson dig into the background of the brutal sex slayer.

Muslims want permanent prayer rooms in high schools
While Ottawa high schools offer prayer rooms for Muslim students, an Islamic leader says they don’t have permanent space

Calgary man convicted of second-degree murder in alleged gun-for-hire murder
The slaying of financier Jack Beauchamp nearly seven years ago wasn’t a planned gun-for-hire murder a judge ruled.

Sperm donor claims to have fathered 35 kids across Quebec
A 47-year-old Quebec man has spent the last four years fathering 35 children, mostly to lesbian couples.

September 21st, 2012

Qur’an-burning preacher bound for Toronto
A controversial Florida pastor who was fined $277 for burning a Qur’an is bringing his anti-Islam message to Toronto.

Man who tortured girlfriend's dogs loses appeal
A father is back in jail after losing his appeal for unleashing a deadly reign of terror on a former girlfriend's dogs.

Purported hands found in Toronto waste facility actually bear paws
Toronto police confirmed that what was thought to be two severed human hands found among the trash were bear paws.

Baby 'M' taken off life support, reportedly dies
A 30-month old girl allegedly abused by her parents has died after being taken off of life-support.

Calgary puppy killer should be jailed: Crown
Tossing his puppy off a balcony and brutally kicking it to death then throwing it in a dumpster should put a man in jail

Guilty plea for poker champ's robber ex-girlfriend
A woman admitted Friday to planning the beating and robbery of her ex-boyfriend, world poker champ Jonathan Duhamel.

Mounties promise to deal with internal harassment
RCMP officials say they are serious about addressing problems within the force.

Dead baby belugas mystify experts
At least 15 dead baby beluga whales have washed up on the shores of the lower St. Lawrence River since July.

BC sex workers win right to challenge prostitution laws
A BC sex worker group has won the right to challenge the constitutionality of Canada's prostitution laws.

Ottawa teen haunted by horrific night of prostitution
In the deathly stillness of night, a man can hear his daughter toss and turn in bed with prostitution nightmares.

Doctor convicted of making porn outed by confidential informant: Police
It was so sickening that “John” couldn’t keep the ugly truth to himself.

Manitoba man accused in deadly bat beating of boy, 12
Was the baseball bat killing of 12-year-old Albert Goosehead an act of self-defence or an unjustifiable act of violence?

Toronto teacher found not guilty of sexual assault on former student
Toronto teacher Mary Gowans has been found not guilty of sexually assaulting her former student.

Police release video showing suspect in gas station attendant's death
The accused gas-and-dash killer spent three minutes filling his SUV and two jerry cans before trying to slink away.

Alleged Alberta cancer faker still in hospital after jailhouse beating
The man suspected of faking cancer to swindle cash at a fundraising event remains in hospital after a beating.

Honour killer Shafia faces civil lawsuits for bad real estate deal
Convicted killer Mohammad Shafia, jailed for life in January, is facing more troubles with the law.

Arrest in double homicide at Montreal boutique
Police north of Toronto arrested a man Friday wanted for a double murder in Montreal two years ago.

'Choking game' in Ontario high schools concerns cops
Police in Guelph, ON, are concerned about a rash of cases of teens at local high schools playing the "choking game."

Abortion debate alive and well on Parliament Hill
If the abortion debate has been settled in Canada, there was little evidence of that in Parliament on Friday.

Parents of abused Alberta twins to attend daughter's funeral
An Edmonton couple accused of abusing their two-year-old twin daughters will be allowed to go to the funeral.

Police suspect marijuana oil producers caused house explosion
Occupants of a lower apartment of a house were producing marijuana oil when an explosion tore through the residence.

September 20th, 2012

Report slams treatment of Queen's prof accused of racism
Teachers group slams Queen's treatment of professor.

Feds strip quadriplegic charity of its tax-exempt status
Canadian groups that help thousands with spinal cord injuries are distancing themselves from a so-called charity.

Crown wants 20 years for cigarette-butt murder
A jury gave suggestions as to how long a woman who stabbed her husband and put out a cigarette in his wound should serve

Trial delay for mentally ill man accused of killing Halifax gay activist
The murder trial of a schizophrenic patient alleged to have beaten to death a gay activist has been delayed.

Ottawa killer who chopped victim into pieces seeks parole reduction
A killer who shot his lover's husband then dismembered his body and scattered it could reduce his parole eligibility.

$10K fine for man who hacked student election site, changed it to 'erection'
A former student who hacked into the students' union elections last February has been granted a conditional discharge.

Accused told undercover Alberta cop he bashed victim's head in
The cop who posed as a crime boss to extract a confession from a murder suspect almost gave up, then got what he wanted.

First Nations community angry over northern Ontario police force's mock press release
A northern Ontario police force will have to answer for a fake press release it sent out.

Violent home invader shouldn't get life sentence for public safety
Sentencing a mentally disturbed young man to life in prison for a brutal home invasion is 'vengeance, not justice.'

No bail for man convicted of murdering his HIV-positive lover
Manitoba's highest court has refused to set a recently convicted and imprisoned killer free on bail.

Crown has until Halloween to pursue dangerous offender status for torturer
Torturer Dustin Paxton will learn on Halloween whether the Crown will seek to have him declared a dangerous offender.

Canadians admit to cheating the taxman: Survey
The majority of Canadians admit they've done cash deals in order to dodge the taxman.

Doctor who made porn of patient may have licence revoked
An ON doctor who sexually assaulted two patients - including one he made a porno of - could have his licence revoked.

Mobsters blend in, Ontario cop tells inquiry
Canadian mobsters have changed with the times, posing as bakers, greenhouse operators, even limo drivers.

Jackpot win's curse continues
A lottery jackpot has brought misery to a retired taxi driver whose family has been rocked by lawsuits and death.

Annual family price tag for health care is $11,400: Study
The average family of four shelled out more than $11,400 last year in taxes to cover the cost of public health care.

Mad cow testing in humans unreliable: Study
University of Alberta researchers have released a study that they hope will be able to shed a light on a rare disease.

Ontario firefighter thwarts bank robbery, knocks out killer
A firefighter in Ontario stopped an alleged bank robbery on Thursday but putting a convicted killer in a choke-hold.

Alberta teacher jailed for sleeping with student
A disgraced Edmonton teacher who had a sexual relationship with former students was put behind bars Thursday.

Appeal denied in case of allegedly abused tot on life support
An appeal to keep an Edmonton toddler on life support has been denied by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Police arrest suspected getaway driver in violent robbery of poker star
A fifth suspect has been arrested in the beating and robbery of poker star Jonathan Duhamel.

Crown wants 20 years for cigarette-butt murder
A jury gave suggestions as to how long a woman who stabbed her husband and put out a cigarette in his wound should serve

September 19th, 2012

Man convicted of drunk-driving death pleads guilty to attempt to trade cocaine for sex after release
A man who killed a Winnipeg mom in a drunken crash while out on bail has admitted to trying to trade cocaine for sex.

Santa quits smoking in new version of Christmas classic
Santa has quit smoking. At least he has in a new Canadian version of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

NL man pleads guilty for drunken air rage aboard Air Canada flight
Byron Pinksen was floored when confronted with details about his booze-fuelled belligerent conduct diverting a flight.

Ex-United Church minister paid man off to avoid 'false allegations'
A former United Church minister said he paid $26,000 because he didn't want false allegations of sex abuse to go public.

Crown wants new trial for doctor who killed his kids
The Crown asked a Quebec court for a new trial for a former Dr. found not-criminally responsible for murdering his kids.

Same-sex couples choosing marriage: Census
The number of married same-sex couples in Canada jumped 42.4% between 2006 and 2011, according to fresh census numbers.

Review recommends lowering speed limits to 40 km/h
An Ontario coroner's review of pedestrian deaths recommends road speeds be lowered from 50 km/h to 40 km/h.

Man 'wished he had raped' young girl: Crown
Among the things a child pornographer told the young girls was that he wished he had raped one of them.

People terrified as sex predator preys on elderly Toronto women
Some Toronto residents are terrified that a sexual predator preying on local elderly women is escalating his attacks.

Manitoba man's journal full of murderous fantasies
A young man sentenced for brutalizing and sexually assaulting a Winnipeg family documented his dark fantasies.

Six years and eight months for drunk driver who killed Baby Alex
The drunk driver who killed four-month-old Alexander Fleming in 2008 has been sentenced to six years and eight months.

Court rules injured 2-year-old Alberta girl should be taken off life support
An appeal court upheld a decision to take a comatose Edmonton child, allegedly starved by her parents, off life support.

Most Canadian households made up of married couples, but % is shrinking: Census
Walk through the door of a Canadian home and chances are you'll find a married couple.

Ontario teen boy accused of sexually assaulting six-year-old stepbrother
Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy on allegations he sexually assaulted his six-year-old stepbrother last winter.

Aspiring serial killer deserves life sentence: Crown
Only a life sentence can protect the community from an aspiring serial killer with no signs he's interested in rehab.

Census may show roommates as same-sex couples, skewing results
A new way of counting same-sex married couples may have skewed census data.

Cop-killer Gregson guilty of raping young girl
Ex-Mountie Kevin Gregson, already serving a life sentence, has been found guilty of repeatedly raping a 10-year-old girl

Police to search Winnipeg landfill for body of missing woman in October
Police will begin searching in for the body of a woman believed to have been a victim of a suspected serial killer.

More Canadians living alone: StatsCan
For the first time since StatsCan started counting, there are more of us living solo than there are couples in Canada.

'Controlling' dumped man kills ex-girlfriend with hammer
Patrick Barrett has admitted to killing his girlfriend with a hammer after she kicked him out of their home.

Toronto's Africentric high school has only six students
News that the Toronto District School Board was creating an Africentric high school led to raucous school meetings.

Calgary truck driver who killed 5 people granted day parole
A cement truck driver who's been behind bars after killing five people on a Calgary highway has been granted day parole.

September 18th, 2012

Oil and construction put Alberta cities' growth at top of country
Oil and construction is putting Edmonton and Calgary growth at the top of the country.

Group to screen Innocence of the Muslims film across Canada
A "grassroots Canadian org" is hoping to arrange screenings of the controversial film about the Prophet Mohammed.

Toxic Chinese medicine recalled by Health Canada
Zhuifeng Tougu Wan, an unauthorized natural health product imported from China, was recalled from store shelves.

Unionized BC insurers walk out, demanding wage increases
Unionized Insurance Corporation of British Columbia workers walked off the job Tuesday for the second time this month.

Mass killer denied parole in Alberta prison
Mass murderer David Shearing will stay behind bars after his latest bid for parole was denied Tuesday.

Agriculture association asks for help moving hay to Ontario
With some Ontario farmers just weeks away from running out of food for their animals, the OFA has issued a plea for help

Ontario detention centre gets round-the-clock nursing
Ontario is implementing 24-hour-nursing at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre, The Free Press has learned.

Suspect in T.O. sexually assaults women in their homes: Cops
Police have returned to the city's southeast end after several women were sexually assaulted in four break-ins.

No jail for white supremacist who sang Nazi songs, assaulted passersby
An Edmonton man in a group of white supremacists who sang Nazi songs and assaulted people has avoided jail.

Embattled Edmonton teacher can give zeros at new gig
While still facing termination from his post at Ross Sheppard High School, the zero hero is returning to the classroom.

Alberta cancer faker fears for safety after jailhouse beating
Kristopher Cook, the man accused of cashing in on fake tales of cancer, will remain in hospital for two to three days.

Beef recall expanded Canada-wide due to E. coli concerns
The beef with contaminated meats has expanded.

Anti-corruption raids at McGill University Health Centre
Quebec's anti-corruption unit carried out raids Tuesday at the offices of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

Family faces charges in trying to help Manitoba dad abduct his kids
Relatives of an accused co-conspirator in a high-profile child abduction case are in custody.

Strip club walks fine ethical line with Junior's Amateur Night
A Vancouver strip club is walking a fine ethical line by promoting a Junior's Amateur Night for aspiring strippers.

Psych hospital did not err when it released patient, now charged with murder, report finds
A Halifax psychiatric hospital let a mental patient afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia take a solo jaunt for an hour.

Another killer in QC found not criminally responsible
A 36-year-old Quebec man who butchered his mother and two nieces in February was found not criminally responsible.

Teen knew private details about teacher in sex scandal, court hears
A Toronto teenager who alleged a sexual relationship with his former teacher possessed intimate knowledge about her.

September 17th, 2012

Migrant workers open to abuse, says new report
Canadian protection of low-skilled migrant workers have not kept pace with their exploding numbers, says a new report.

Canadian cops brace for possible screenings of Prophet Mohammad film
Security will be escalated to fend off Islamic protesters if the film about the Prophet Muhammad is screened in Toronto.

Edward and Sophie woo Ontario royal watchers
Britain's Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, delighted audiences with their visit Sunday.

Family looks to thank mystery crash hero
Family of a man killed in a fiery crash are offering thanks to a bystander who risked his own life to help survivors.

Absenteeism at CBC costs taxpayers millions
Canadians paid nearly $18 million in one year for CBC employees who failed to show up to work.

Manitoba man 'protecting' girlfriend when he killed young boy with bat
A Bloodvein First Nation man says he was defending his pregnant girlfriend when he beat a 12-yr-old to death with a bat.

Man against 'people putting up shrines' rips down teen's memorial
A man dressed in black and armed with a hammer would continually rip down a road-side memorial to 17-year-old Thomas.

Embassies reopen without improved security
Canadian embassies in Egypt and Libya reopened Monday without beefed up security.

Teacher denies manipulating schedule for student sex
A Toronto teacher accused of sexually assaulting a former student denied that she "manoeuvred" her schedule for sex.

Crown wants nine-years for meat-cleaver attack on train
The "near homicidal" meat cleaver attack of a man on a Calgary train platform should draw up to 9 years in prison.

Murder suspect sentenced in Slurpee brawl
A man suspected in a 2012 city homicide has admitted to an unrelated earlier bear-spray attack on a man.

Alberta cops want to seize speeders' cars
Alberta brass are putting out the call for legislation that would allow cops to seize vehicles of speeding drivers.

Masked thug bear sprays jail guards
Correctional officers were blasted with bear spray by a balaclava-clad thug outside the jail in downtown Winnipeg.

Quebec construction inquiry good for society: law experts
Even if the commission doesn't blame any specific person or organization, holding inquiries is important for society.

'Mercy killing' farmer dad granted parole exception for trip to UK
The SK farmer who killed his severely disabled daughter, will be allowed to leave the country to speak in the UK.

Students support sacked zero-grade teacher
Students were angry as they went to class for the first time since hearing that Lynden Dorval had been fired.

Malgré le lock-out, le jeu vidéo NHL 13 demeure un gros vendeur
Si plusieurs commerçants voient leur chiffre d'affaires compromis par le lock-out annoncé dans la Ligue nationale de hockey, les marchands de jeux vidéo semblent n'avoir rien à craindre.

September 16th, 2012

15 North Korean refugee couples wed at Toronto city hall
There is no fear in love, said one speaker, after 15 North Korean refugee couples filed into city hall Saturday.

CBC opposes Bell's plan to buy Astral
CBC/Radio-Canada is the latest media company to come out against the planned merger between Bell and Astral Media.

Big three autoworkers could hit picket lines Monday
The Canadian Auto Workers union said negotiating with the big three is like juggling "a lot of balls up in the air."

Alleged brain cancer fraudster back in Calgary to be charged
The fraud suspect wanted for allegedly faking cancer to scam a fundraiser out of thousands is to be formally charged.

Canadian embassies closed over safety concerns
Canadian embassies in Egypt, Sudan and Libya remained closed Sunday in the wake of attacks on Western interests abroad.

Retired Alberta firefighter saves lives of 2 grandkids before dying in fiery crash
Retired firefighter Les Toews saved the lives of his grandchildren before dying in front of his own children Friday.

Southern Ontario high school creates prayer room for Muslim students
Mother Teresa Catholic secondary school is turning a second-floor office into an Islamic prayer room.

September 15th, 2012

At least 3 killed, 2 kids injured in 'horrific' southern Alberta crash
At least three people were killed and two children injured following a "horrific" crash on Hwy 21 south of Three Hills.

Man sentenced to a year in jail for fatal crash
A 21-year-old Whitby-area man who killed three people in a traffic collision was sentenced to one year in jail.

BC man acquitted for allegedly molesting step children
A Victoria man accused of molesting his step-children as far back as four decades has been acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Vancouverites rally to save Coast Guard Station
A group of protesters are staging at sit-in at the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station in B.C.

Health groups applaud government's decision on asbestos
The Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Cancer Society congratulated the feds for their decision.

B.C. man charged for alleged sexual offence against second teen
A man previously convicted of a sex offence against a 15-year-old girl was arrested and charged with a similar offence.

Girl, 14, saved from drowning at Ottawa pool
A lucky teen is recovering in hospital after nearly drowning in the pool at Carleton University.

Toews slams anti-Semitic posters in Winnipeg
Anti-Semitic posters put up in downtown Winnipeg overnight Friday have outraged Manitoba's senior member of Parliament.

Sushi shop sign too offensive for neighbourhood
A Quebec Superior Court flipped the bird to sushi restaurant Fukyu.

Police arrest man for alleged bar murder in Montreal 17 years ago
Police arrested a man Friday night for the alleged slaying of a man 17 years ago during the city's biker war.

Ex-girlfriend of robbed poker champ suffers "accident" in jail
A judge postponed the trial of the ex-girlfriend of a poker champ because of an "accident" she suffered in jail.

September 14th, 2012

Toronto transit worker killed by subway train
One TTC Toronto Transit Commission worker is dead and another is injured after being hit by a train.

ON pastor guilty of smuggling Honduran in his truck across the border into Canada
A pastor who serves a Spanish congregation in London, ON has been found guilty of smuggling a Honduran man into Canada.

Calgary homicide cops hunt for suspects after man found dead in SUV
Hoping to generate new leads, detectives released new information about the murder of a man in a Calgary parking lot.

Man who blames 2-year-old for sexual assault sentenced
A 69-year old man jailed for a year Friday for sexual interference of a two-year-old girl said he was "deeply sorry".

'Callous' drug-addict gets 10 years for killing Alberta artist
A callous drug addict took part in a fatal attack on artist Debbie Elly-Smith, stealing her stuff & leaving her to die.

Doctor accused of botching tests has history of infractions
A surgeon blamed this week for 684 questionable colon scans has a history of infractions dating back several years.

Girl’s account of rape could be an ‘invention,’ lawyer says
The 13-year-old who says cop-killer Kevin Gregson raped her repeatedly had many opportunities to "practice" her story.

Edmonton 'no-zero' teacher fired
An Edmonton high school teacher suspended for giving zeros was officially given the axe Friday.

Girl, 2, should be taken off life-support: Judge
A judge ruled Friday that a comatose and severely injured child be taken off life-support.

Quebec corruption inquiry wants mobsters to testify
Quebec's corruption inquiry has invited several influential mafia members to testify at public hearings.

French, English militia groups butt heads in Quebec
Extremist groups have been entrenched in Quebec for years but a terrorism expert warns that things could turn violent.

Teacher accused of sexual assault unsure how student knew about breast implants, court hears
A teacher accused of sexually assaulting her former student testified she cannot say how he knew she had breast implants

Sex-offender sentenced to 9 years for kidnapping Calgary girl from mall
Notorious sex-offender John Francis Dionne has been sentenced to nine years for kidnapping a young Calgary girl in 2011.

Toronto Hindu group plans screening of Innocence of Muslims
Plans to screen a controversial film may come undone by the simple lack of a theatre willing to host it.

Man who tried to rape nun declared dangerous offender, jailed, judge rules
A sexual deviant who once tried to rape a nun was declared a dangerous offender and jailed indefinitely, a judge ruled.

September 13th, 2012

Winnipeg cop sentenced to 16 months for sex assaults
Disgraced former cop Richard Dow was sentenced to 16 months in jail for molesting a dozen young women.

PEI latest province to file lawsuit against tobacco companies over health-care costs
PEI has joined a list of provinces suing tobacco companies to recoup health-care costs for tobacco-related illnesses.

Dogs to hound Toronto mosque Friday
The fur may fly at a Toronto mosque Friday when a group of dog owners plan to walk their canines outside the building.

Proponents may sue Calgary Catholic school board over HPV vaccination
Health activists say they're preparing to sue the city's Catholic school board for its refusal to allow HPV vaccinations

Nigerian students face deportation for employment rule mixup
Two Nigerian students have been hiding to avoid deportation for unwittingly working at Walmart without proper permits.

Ontario farmers warned about deadly gas
Ontario's dry summer followed by rains has created a deadly hazard for farmers — a gas that can kill within seconds.

Top Manitoba judge irate over court delays
One of the province's top judges is fuming over repeated prisoner-transport delays from jails to courtrooms.

Major's rank reduced for training death of fellow soldier
An Armed Forces officer had his rank reduced following a court martial hearing in the 2010 death of Cpl. Josh Baker.

Evidence in cop murder can't be used at Gregson rape trial: Judge
Former Mountie Kevin Gregson offered ramblings at his trial for the murder of Ottawa Police Const. Eric Czapnik, 51.

'Donnie Brasco' to testify at Quebec corruption probe
New York Mob infiltrator Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco, will be the next star witness at Quebec's corruption inquiry.

Child porn studio dad pleads guilty to unspeakable sex crimes
A Winnipeg father pleaded guilty in what police consider to be the worst case of sexual abuse they've ever dealt with.

Teacher tells court of 'shocking' grope by former student
An east-end teacher was "extremely shocked" when her former student and family friend kissed and grabbed her crotch.

Bedbug exterminator being sued for $4M for condo blaze
An exterminator held responsible for sparking a massive fire at an Edmonton condo is being sued for nearly $4 million.

September 12th, 2012

Ex-cop accused of molesting kids seeks bail
The lawyer for a disgraced ex-Mountie charged with molestation allegations hopes to have his client freed.

Prisoner pretending to be another man captured in Toronto
A man accused of assuming another prisoner's identity before strolling out of a downtown courthouse was back in court.

Car dealer opens Canada's first kids' digital fingerprint station
Canada's first permanent kids' digital safety fingerprinting station is now at a northwest Calgary auto dealership.

Sinkhole costs Ottawa at least $4.9M
he Hwy. 174 sinkhole has become a $4.9-million money pit and the costs could climb.

Mom suspected her teen son was sleeping with his teacher
The mother of a Toronto teen suspected her son and his former teacher were involved in a sexual relationship in 2009.

Stafford killer pleads guilty to prison assault
McClintic, who is serving a life-sentence for the murder of Tori Stafford, 8, plead guilty to prison assault Wednesday.

University tuitions on the rise again: Statistics Canada
Canadian university students paid 5% more for tuition this year - more than three times the rate of inflation.

Killer McClintic penned beating confession
Following is the contents of a handwritten letter by Terri-Lynne McClintic to a fellow inmate called Krazy.

Court martial to start in military training death
Maj. Christopher Lunney will face a general court martial starting Thursday in the death of Corp. Joshua Baker.

Zero-grade teacher may drop out
An Edmonton high school teacher suspended for giving zeros is contemplating retirement.

Ottawa family calls for coroner’s inquest into shop class explosion
The family of a teenage boy killed in a shop class accident last year is taking their case to Queen's Park on Thursday.

Newfoundland cleans up after Hurricane Leslie
The lessons learned from Hurricane Igor two years helped Newfoundland and Labrador weather tropical storm Leslie.

‘I just killed my husband’ stranger says Alberta woman told him
An Edmonton woman charged with killing her common-law husband blurted out to a stranger an entire confession.

10-year passport coming in the spring
The government is on track to begin issuing 10-year electronic passports in the spring.

Detective Hands names foot fetish assaults suspect
Cops have collared a man suspected in a spree of foot fetish assaults.

Clinic comes under fire after boy, 12, found badly beaten
Days after a boy was severely beaten, details are emerging about a provincial facility.

Alberta park closed, fire bans issued due to dry conditions
In the wake of southern Alberta grass fires, the province has closed a provincial park and issued a number of fire bans.

Booze, speed blamed in killer crash
Mounties suspect speed and alcohol are to blame for a crash that claimed the life of a 23-year-old Leduc, AB, woman.

Storms cost Alberta $270M in damages in 2012: IBC
Hail and windstorms that have ravaged Alberta since last November wreaked about $725 million in damage.

Alleged victim of beating dies in Calgary hospital
A man who has been in a vegetative state since an alleged beating in May has died, a friend of the family has confirmed.

Bail hearing for Quebec man charged with dumping acid on his girlfriend
A man accused of pouring acid on his girlfriend was to appear in court Wednesday for a bail hearing.

September 11th, 2012

Tropical storm Leslie slams into Newfoundland
Tropical storm Leslie punished Newfoundland Tuesday, bringing heavy rains and near-hurricane-force winds.

That's one way to get rid of bedbugs: Exterminators burn down building
Fire officials have charged a Calgary exterminator for starting a $3.5M fire trying to quell an infestation of bedbugs.

‘I’m a monster,’ former Mountie convicted of slaying Ottawa cop told father
Former Mountie Kevin Gregson told his father he was a "monster" after confronted with allegations he raped a 10-year-old

Massive wildfires prompt evacuations of Alberta towns
Fierce winds stoking massive wildfires in southern Alberta prompted evacuations in several Alberta towns Monday.

School board not supporting Christian beliefs: Dad
An Ontario father has launched a court battle against the public school board in Hamilton, Ontario.

9/11 vigil to send 'message' to Khadr family
A vigil for 24 Canadian 9/11 terrorist attacks victims will be held near convicted terrorist Omar Khadr's sister's home

Alaskan fisherman floated out to sea for 26 hours in fish bin
An Alaskan fisherman spent Friday night floating at sea in a small fish bin after his boat sank off the coast.

Teacher-student affair revealed in court
A teen revealed the details of his sex sessions with his French teacher Mary Gowans in court Tuesday.

Alleged cellblock assault victim suing Ottawa police for $700K
Cops choked and kicked a helpless man until he blacked out in a savage cellblock assault, according to a statement.

Police pin Toronto gun mayhem on notorious Galloway Boys gang
A notorious street gang has resurfaced and its members have been terrorizing the east end of the city.

'There was just so much blood,' Calgary widow testifies
Often struggling to hold back her tears, a Calgary mom testified about arriving home to find her husband's bloody corpse

Fliers' rights fine print released online
The Canadian Transportation Agency is hoping that passengers will know their rights before they fly.

Ministry investigating death of migrant worker on Ontario farm
The ON Ministry of Labour is investigating an accident that occured on a farm that claimed the life of Mexican worker.

Hockey rink becomes drunk tank for Manitoba First Nation
With no access to RCMP cell blocks, the Northlands First Nation have to use the hockey rink as their drunk tank.

BC cops investigating 'free baby' ad on buy-and-sell website
Police in BC, are investigating an ad posted on a buy-and-sell website that offered up a baby "free to a good home."

Ontario couple file suit to fight wind farm
A southwestern Ontario couple are pursuing a court injunction to halt a massive wind development.

McGill, U of T crack world university top 20
McGill University is the top-ranked Canadian school for the ninth consecutive year.

Alleged Calgary cancer faker nabbed in BC
The man wanted by police for faking brain cancer to collect cash at a local fundraiser has been arrested.

BC kids' pole-dancing class draws international scorn, mockery
A Vancouver Island dance studio offering pole-dancing lessons to girls has become the subject of international ridicule.

Group tries to get Kingston Penitentiary heritage status
A local group hopes to have Kingston Penitentiary designated as a heritage property.

September 10th, 2012

Grass fire forces evacuation of Alberta town
Fierce winds stoking a massive grass fire has prompted evacuations in Lethbridge and Coalhurst, Alberta.

Dad kills son, 6, in murder-suicide
Residents in a neighbourhood were horrified after police revealed a father killed his son before committing suicide.

Caregiver faces charges in alleged assault of boy
A support worker has been arrested after a boy was snatched from a special needs centre and found viciously beaten.

Little Noah an 'animal whisperer'
Noah Kosalka briefly holds, then gently releases the palm-length fish that circled him inquisitively on a shallow shore.

Homes levelled in BC blaze
Four homes have been lost as the result of a raging forest fire that has forced the evacuation of hundreds of people.

Dad kills son, 6, in murder-suicide
Residents in a neighbourhood were horrified after police revealed a father killed his son before committing suicide.

Cop stabber insane, judge rules
Calgarian Lee Christopher Monrose was legally insane when he repeatedly stabbed an ASIRT investigator.

Jilted lover gets 10 years for 'shocking' attack
A 25-year-old gas fitter who'd never been in trouble with the law was sentenced to a decade behind bars.

Son accused of killing mom appears in court
A Chinese foreign student charged in the murder of his mother made his first court appearance in Richmond, BC, Monday.

Accomplice gets youth sentence in execution-style murder
An accomplice in the execution-style slaying of a Toronto man received a youth sentence for his role in the crime.

RCMP in Vernon, BC, have issued an Amber Alert for 15-year-old Breeze Boden.
RCMP in Vernon, BC, have issued an Amber Alert for 15-year-old Breeze Boden.

Zero Hero supported by fellow teachers as termination hearings continue
Edmonton teacher Lynden Dorval is receiving support from teachers as he faces termination over assigning a zero grade.

Teacher grieves after husband, son killed in murder-suicide
With her eyes raw from crying, the mother of a fun-loving youngster slain by his dad was comforted Monday by relatives.

Girl, 10, relates horrific rapes by cop-killer in video
A former Mountie convicted of the murder of a local police officer is now on trial facing charges of sexual assault.

Murder-suicide shocks bedroom community west of Toronto
Tanya Brancalion's husband committed suicide after killing their young son in Milton, Ontario.

'Body-parts' murder suspect appears emotionless in court
A man accused of dismembering a Toronto mom and spa owner showed no emotion as he appeared in Brampton court on Monday.

Tropical storm Leslie 'racing' toward Newfoundland
East Coasters are bracing for the worst as the chance of tropical storm Leslie hitting the region becomes more likely.

Dad kills son, 6, in murder-suicide
Residents in a neighbourhood were horrified after police revealed a father killed his son before committing suicide.

Man built dungeon to imprison ex-wife's friend, court hears
A 45-year-old man who built a dungeon listened intently as his ex-wife and her friend talked about living in fear.

September 9th, 2012

No injuries in crash landing
Two people aboard a small plane that made a crash landing at the airport Sunday are lucky to be alive, police say.

Tornado hits east of Montreal
Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado hit northeast of Montreal causing significant damage in Drummondville.

Activist welcomes Canada's tough stance on Iran
Canadian human rights activist is applauding the government's recent decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran.

Woman sexually assaulted in cemetery
A woman sitting on a bench in the Delhi, ONT, cemetery was sexually assaulted.

Marineland ordered to secure vacant mobile home park
Marineland has been ordered to secure mobile homes in the Green Oaks Trailer Park after two units were set on fire.

Tropical storm Leslie expected to hit Newfoundland Tuesday
The chance of tropical storm Leslie hitting Newfoundland is quite high, the Canadian Hurricane Centre said Sunday.

Sinkholes plague Gatineau
Heavy rain is being blamed for a trio of sinkholes in Gatineau, Quebec, on Saturday.

Tornado hits east of Montreal
Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado hit northeast of Montreal causing significant damage in Drummondville.

Tornado hits east of Montreal
Environment Canada confirmed that a tornado hit northeast of Montreal causing significant damage in Drummondville.

Male body found in St. Catharines pond
A coroner has been called to continue the investigation of a male body found floating in Martindale Pond Sunday.

Near-fatal combo of booze and hot tub
Too much booze and hot tubbing proved a near fatal combination at a downtown London hotel on the weekend, police said.

Alleged PQ shooter obsessed with politics, unafraid to die: Couple
The man accused in the shooting at the Parti Quebecois victory rally was obsessed with Quebec politics, says a couple.

September 8th, 2012

PQ Election night venue not secure: police source
The Montreal venue that was the scene of violence was not properly secured, a police source told QMI Agency.

Gypsy group fueling crime in Toronto, critics say
Gypsy group fueling crime in Toronto, critics say.

Conservative government helping 3000 young Canadians find jobs
The government announced Saturday it was investing $50 million in its Youth Employment Strategy program.

Feds set sights on failed refugee claimants
Ottawa is targeting for deportation upwards of 2,000 failed refugee claimants

Feds set sights on failed refugee claimants
Ottawa is targeting for deportation upwards of 2,000 failed refugee claimants

Lake Erie fish died of natural causes: Environment Ministry
Hundreds of thousands of fish that washed up on the Lake Erie shore on the Labour Day weekend died of natural causes.

Police identify man shot in broad daylight in Vancouver
Vancouver police have identified the man who was shot in front of his wife and four-year-old in broad daylight Friday.

Diplomatic departure may leave Canada target for Iranian retaliation
Canada may be the target of retaliation after severing ties with Iran, according to Tehran-based news agencies.

Police find two bodies in Milton home
Homicide detectives and forensic investigators remain on-scene at a home where two people have been discovered dead.

Feds set sights on failed refugee claimants
Ottawa is targeting for deportation upwards of 2,000 failed refugee claimants

Man on most wanted list sent packing
The 20th person on the Canada Border Services Agency's most wanted list was turfed from the country Thursday.

September 7th, 2012

Man acquitted for killing dad he thought was possessed by devil
An AB man who killed his father because he thought he was possessed by a demon was found not criminally responsible.

Alberta woman, 94, beaten to death and set ablaze
Police say they're hunting a killer who beat a 94-year-old woman to death, then set her ablaze in southeastern Alberta.

Surrogate left with twins after couple backs out of black market deal
Marie-Pier is pregnant with twins she doesn't want.

Alberta judge told to cut life support for child allegedly put in coma by parents
An Edmonton judge was asked to order that a child - in coma after allegedly by her parents - be taken off life support.

Biker boss gets two years in jail
A powerful outlaw biker was sentenced to two years behind bars Friday for possession of cocaine for trafficking.

Phoenix Sinclair inquiry delayed indefinitely, judge rules
The Court ruled in favour of a hearing about MB Child Services authorities' access to Phoenix Sinclair pre-interviews.

Quebec City Legionnaire's disease outbreak under control
Medical authorities announced Friday that the city's deadly outbreak of Legionnaire's disease is under control.

Red Cross urges Atlantic Canadians to brace for Hurricane Leslie
As Hurricane Leslie churns through the Atlantic, people in Eastern Canada should get prepared, the Red Cross warns.

Prisoner pretending to be another man flees Toronto courthouse
In an unusual case of identity switcheroo, a courthouse prisoner was set free after pretending to be another man.

Police say torso belongs to missing Niagara Falls, NY, mom
Police confirmed the torso found in the Niagara River last week is a missing mother of three from Niagara Falls, NY.

Accused drunk driver in deadly crash granted bail
The 19-year-old charged with drunk driving in a collision last month that killed two people was released on bail Friday.

Pants-stealing rioter avoids jail time
Vancouver rioter Camille Cacnio avoided jail time Friday for her participation in the 2011 Stanley Cup riot.

'Aboriginal role model' convicted in sex assaults of teen boys
A MB teacher once regarded as a role model for aboriginals has been convicted for the sexual assaults of two teen boys.

BC son accused of murdering mom whose remains found in suitcase
A man has been charged with first-degree murder after the remains of his mother were found in a suitcase.

Aboriginal kids far more likely to get hurt and die: Study
Aboriginal children die from unintentional injuries at rates three to four times higher than the national average.

September 6th, 2012

Elderly Ottawa priest admits to molesting student
"If you can't trust a priest, who can you trust?"

Cops opposed bail for accused oral sex assault doc
When Walid Abdelhamid was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a teen patient, police opposed his bail release.

PQ shooting suspect faces 16 charges including murder, arson
Bain, the man arrested in a shooting at a PQ victory rally, was arraigned Thursday on first-degree murder charges.

Guard accused of peddling pot to prisoners
An Ontario jail guard has been arrested and charged for allegedly dealing pot to prisoners.

Torso found in Niagara Falls could belong to missing NY woman
The family of a missing Niagara Falls, NY woman believes the torso found last week may belong to Loretta Gates.

Restauranteur sets up fake sex site profile to revenge bad review
A restaurateur has been convicted of setting up a fake sex site profile targeting a customer who posted negative reviews

Businessman Richard Henry Bain suspected in PQ shooting
The suspect in the fatal shooting at the PQ victory rally in was a respected businessman with no criminal record.

Accused sex assaulter was out on bail
The man accused of sexually assaulting a woman who'd pulled into an empty parking lot was on bail for a similar charge.

Former lifeguard charged in historic sex assault cases
A former Vancouver lifeguard has been charged for sexual assaults carried out on boys dating back four decades.

'Nothing political' about technician's murder at PQ rally: Friend
The lighting technician shot dead at the PQ victory rally Tuesday night wasn't even scheduled to work that night.

Human remains in suitcase ID'd as Guang Hua Liu
Police have confirmed the torso found in a suitcase in Lake Ontario Wednesday belongs to Toronto mother Guang Hua Liu.

Toronto doc accused of putting penis in mouths of patients
A respected North York doctor allegedly placed his penis in the mouths of 11 female patients.

September 5th, 2012

Police expand search in Niagara Falls torso case
Police are expanding their search for clues in relation to last week's discovery of a woman's torso in the Niagara River

Ontario driver fined for running over woman twice in parking lot
An Ontario driver who ran over a woman twice in a Walmart parking lot in this city last January has been fined $3,000.

Alberta sex offender must still wear monitoring ankle bracelet
High-risk sex offender Henri Jean Rusk must continue to wear a monitoring ankle bracelet - at least for now.

Human remains found floating in suitcase in Lake Ontario
Toronto Police say human remains were found inside a suitcase that was discovered floating in Lake Ontario Wednesday.

Teen boy awakens to doctor performing oral sex on him
A doctor accused of sexually assaulting a teen tried to cover up his crime by claiming he was examining the boy.

No chickens bylaw not a 'financial burden', judge rules
A city bylaw prohibiting urban residents from keeping chickens in their yards is not a breach of equality rights: Judge.

Deaths of eight Alberta pets may have been intentional
Eight pets have died in the span of a few weeks in what the city's animal protection agency says may be intentional.

Seven years for fatally beating HIV-positive gay lover
A Winnipeg man who beat his gay lover to death after learning the man was HIV-positive has been sentenced to seven years

Inquiry into child's brutal murder begins
As the first witness takes the stand, Phoenix Sinclair's parents may be closer to what it is they've long been seeking.

BC's prescription database curbs addictive drug misuse: Study
The rest of Canada should follow in BC's footsteps by using a centralized system for to fight prescription drug abuse.

Teen 'just wanted to forget' doc's alleged assault
A doctor accused of sexually assaulting a teen tried to cover up his crime by claiming he was examining the boy.

Royal couple headed to Canada
Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, will be touring Canada for seven days this month.

Ottawa teen tells of heartbreak after losing parents in crash
An orphaned teen's words echoed at the sentencing hearing Wednesday for the driver who mowed down her parents.

Harper heads to Russia to talk trade
Harper heads to Russia this weekend to talk up trade deals at the annual summit of Pacific Nations.

Ottawa cop guilty of using excessive force in arrest of teen
An Ottawa officer who "came in like a bull" to a traffic arrest was found guilty Wednesday of using unreasonable force.

Alberta baby beater jailed for only two years
An AB man injured "from head to toe" a three-week-old baby girl he was caring for and then lied about it.

September 4th, 2012

One year after kidnapping, BC boy looking forward to preschool
One year after being abducted from his home in Sparwood, BC, Kienan Hebert is doing well and eager to start preschool.

BC bookkeeper wins $25M lotto
It's not quite the luck of the Irish, however, a Burnaby, BC, family is experiencing some Scottish serendipity.

Inquest to be held into deaths of native youths in school
A joint inquest into the deaths of seven aboriginal youths who died in Thunder Bay is to take place next spring.

Man faces charges after Kijiji seller stick-up
Facing a handgun convinced a seller that a man who responded to his Kijiji ad wasn't interested in a purchase.

Man gets life for killing abusive dad with crossbow
Zhou Fang was sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 10 years for murdering his father in 2010.

Unique drive gives underwear and hope to homeless
A road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic isn't an unusual way to wind down the summer.

Crown wants jail for head of bogus kids' cancer charity
An Ontario man looked for dying children so that he could use their faces as poster children for his bogus charity.

Skull found near Edmonton identified as woman missing since 2010
RCMP have confirmed that human remains found on a rural property south of Edmonton are those of Amber Alyssa Tuccaro.

Driver of car swallowed by Ottawa sinkhole escaped with minor injuries
n Ottawa man is shaken and sore, but "happy to be alive" after his car was swallowed by a sinkhole Tuesday.

Toronto Boxing Day murder conviction upheld
Ontario's highest court has upheld the conviction and life sentence in the Boxing Day shootout that killed Jane Creba.

5 charged in global drug ring
Five men have been charged following an investigation into international drug trafficking.

Edmonton man drives Hummer in path of car to save street-crossing children
Darrell Krushelnicki saved four children when he pulled his Hummer in front a speeding car.

Doctor accused in sex assault of Winnipeg boy pleads not guilty
A trial has begun for a doctor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage patient at Winnipeg's Children's Hospital.

Alberta boy, 7, saves little brother from flaming van
With his little brother trapped inside the family van, a young boy could hear his mother screaming for him to help.

Women enter Newfoundland hydro workforce, need bathrooms
Newfoundland's hydro provider didn't install women's bathrooms in its 60 facilities and now it's going to cost them.

Stabbing at Toronto-area high school on first day of classes
Police are hunting for a suspect after a stabbing which sent three Brampton area schools into hold-and-secure procedures

Police in Ontario, New York searching for clues in torso case
Niagara Regional Police have ruled out the "vast majority" of missing-persons cases in relation to a female torso found.

September 3rd, 2012

Probe launched after tour boat hits dock
A dozen people were injured after a cruise ship collided with its dock Sunday afternoon on Barrie's waterfront.

Union fights random on-site drug, alcohol tests
The union representing more than 3,000 Suncor employees has filed a grievance against the company.

Vandals trash 86 Gatineau gravesites
The Bigras were among horrified relatives of the buried at St. Francois, where vandals wrecked at least 86 gravesites.

Search for missing swimmer in Lake Huron resumes
BAYFIELD, Ont. -- The search for a man who disappeared while swimming in Lake Huron Sunday continued Monday.

Prof blames unsafe city planning for longboard accident
A safety advocate says Canadian cities are too dangerous for kids after a young Calgary longboarder died last week.

Calgary hopes to be flush with cash
Calgarians are flushing money down the toilet -- or at least that's what the city is hoping.

September 2nd, 2012

BC Crown ponders extradition for US suspects in Stanley Cup riot
BC's Crown is considering seeking extradition from the US of suspects involved in the June 2011 Stanley Cup riots.

Canadians happy with job security, survey says
We seem more optimistic about the hiring plans and growth prospects of companies we work for than this time last year.

CLC trumpets 'union advantage'
When unions stand up for fairness, it raises the bar for all Canadians, the Canadian Labour Congress said Saturday.

Natynczyk took his job to heart, say friends
If you ask Gen. Walt Natynczyk about the legacy he'll leave behind, those who know him say he'll pass on the question.

Legionnaires' claims 11th victim in Quebec
Quebec city's medical authorities confirmed Sunday that an 11th person has died from the outbreak of Legionnaires.

Police wrap up search for body parts in Niagara
Police have stopped looking for more body parts after the torso of a woman was found in the Niagara River last week.

Police wrap up search for body parts in Niagara
Police have stopped looking for more body parts after the torso of a woman was found in the Niagara River last week.

Parents sue hospital, PEI after baby brain damaged
Melissa Driscoll knows the moment her and her fiance's lives were destroyed.


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