Pizza Hut unveils pizza perfume

Credits: REUTERS/Larry Downing


They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and Pizza Hut seems to have taken that adage to heart.

The fast-food chain has created pizza-scented perfume so customers can exude the alluring scent of greasy cheese-covered dough even if they aren't lucky enough to work in Pizza Hut's kitchens.

The Pizza Hut perfume started as a joke posted to social media, but the restaurant chain received so many responses from people saying they wanted a bottle, it decided to make it for real.

But you won't be able to stuff any stockings with this particular eau de toilette. Pizza Hut only made 100 bottles of the stuff, which it has already shipped to 100 Facebook fans.

"If you make more, please please please send me one! I'm obsessed with Pizza Hut... seriously," wrote one fan.

Grip Limited, Pizza Hut's ad agency, told Marketing Magazine the perfume smells of dough and seasoning.

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