Ontario company launches bacon beer


An Ottawa brewer has combined two tastes North Americans love: Bacon and beer.

HogsBack Brewing Company will launch its new Aporkalypse Now Oatmeal Bacon Stout this weekend, and it's made with Canadian pork.

"This proves it. Everything tastes better with bacon, even great tasting beer," the company said in a statement. "Blending roasted malt and oatmeal, this smooth, dark beer has a sweet caramel aroma and a rich and creamy unbridled taste that comes from a unique infusion of local bacon."

The bacon part of the bacon beer comes from Pork of Yore, a pig farm about 100 km west of Ottawa, "and the bacon produced there is second to none."

HogsBack will launch its breakfast brew Friday at Ottawa's Heart and Crown pub and Saturday at Toronto's The Only Cafe.

Aporkalypse Now is a limited-edition beer, available at select locations, on draft, during February only.

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