- Menzoid Mornings: A real reality show for all




TORONTO - Years ago when "reality shows" became the rage I remember thinking that I knew a guy who is a 24-hour a day reality show.

The Menzoid.

Funny, smart, courageous and, yes, sometimes outrageous.

There is only one David Menzies. It's probably just as well because it would be a different kind of world if there were more. You can find out for yourself because starting Monday on the Sun News Network he begins Menzoid Mornings.

Unless, of course, he gets fired, or killed, during rehearsals over the weekend.

Anything is possible with Zoid because he does operate with his own solar system -- in a good way.

You may remember the time last month when he was filling in for Ezra Levant how he went down to an Islamic book store with a stick and a goal.

"They were selling books about how to beat and control your wife so I thought I would ask them give a demonstration," he said, holding back his trademark laugh.

The store staff didn't laugh but Menzoid wasn't joking either.

And his going there was not near as outrageous as the fact that such a book was being peddled there.

He does with humour and irony a unique style of reporting, that no other reporter could do or would dare to do.

Like a couple of weeks ago how he went to 14 Division with The Sun News Network's mannequin mascot he nicknamed Lady Spice., in honour of The Spiceman Naveen Polapody being arrested behind his Maroli Indian Restaurant on Bloor St. W.

Strapped to his belt Menzoid had a variety of spices and used Lady Spice as his potential assailant -- thus throwing different spices in her face.

It seemed funny to everybody but a female copper at 14 Division, who arrested Lady Spice, broke her in pieces, and then took her back into the division.

As ridiculous as the officer looked, and the laughing stock amongst her fellow officers for that day, you can see in this video how Menzoid can get under one's skin.

Lefty's beware. He's got your number.

You may know Earth Hour where people shut off their stuff. Menzoid has Human Achievement Hour where he rents movie-premiere lights and turns every appliance on in his home as a free person in a capitalistic society is allowed to do.

He's great on the radio with John Oakley and Charles Adler on AM640 and he's going to be terrific in his new morning TV show, which will air every week-day morning from 6 until 8 a.m. I know you will be watching -- as will the CRTC.

Who knows what this guy is going to do. It's going to be interesting and entertaining.

Go get him Menzoid. I have already started to collect the bail money because his show will be real.

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