Dead gang leader rebuffed top biker prior to assassination: Source

Chenier Dupuy was fatally shot at Galeries d'Anjou shopping centre in Montreal on August 10.



MONTREAL - Reputed street-gang kingpin "Big" Chenier Dupuy, who was assassinated last week, violently rejected a partnership offer from the Hells Angels prior to his murder, sources tell QMI Agency.

Dupuy, 37, was shot to death Friday as he was sitting in a parked car with another man at an east-end shopping centre. An associate was shot and killed hours later.

Police believe Dupuy is the head of the Bo-Gars street gang, a Mafia-linked outfit whose members also reportedly claim allegiance to the well-known Bloods street gang in the US.

A source says Dupuy had slapped a rival gang leader in the face last month during a Hells-sponsored summit north of Montreal aimed at uniting several street gangs under the Hells banner.

He reportedly stormed out of the meeting along with colleague Lamartine Severe Paul, vowing never to work with the Hells. Both men were immediately marked for death, QMI learned from police sources and gang associates.

The summit meeting was organized by Gregory Wooley, a protege of jailed Hells boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher. Wooley, one of the few Hells Angels of African descent, is the reputed leader of the Syndicates, a street gang formed by the Hells at the height of its bloody 1990s biker war with the Rock Machine.

"Like many veterans of the Bloods, Chenier said he wanted no part of (Wooley)," said an associate of Dupuy, who describes the slain gang leader as "a brother."

"He (said he) would never work for the bikers or their d--- suckers," added the friend, an apparent reference Wooley's Syndicates.

Dupuy's associate confirmed that Wooley was the one who Chenier had slapped, in full view of everyone, during the gang summit at a bar in Sainte-Adele, north of Montreal.

The bad blood worsened in the weeks following the summit. Dupuy confronted Wooley a second time at the Solid Gold strip club in Montreal.

Dupuy had escaped a shootout at the same club in 2008.

The Bo-Gars leader also reportedly beat up a Syndicates member in front of a Montreal car dealership.

Police then warned Dupuy that there was a price on his head.

Days later, he was dead.

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