Sperm donor claims to have fathered 35 kids across Quebec



MONTREAL - A 47-year-old Quebec man has spent the last four years fathering 35 children, mostly to lesbian couples.

Philippe (not his real name) spreads his goodwill from the comfort of his home, sometimes up to three times a week.

Philippe is not alone. An increasing number of men are offering their sperm over the Internet. QMI Agency met six men who offer baby-making services - two from Quebec City and four from Montreal - who together, have fathered 61 children.

Philippe told QMI Agency that he offers women a sperm-filled syringe with which they can inject themselves. He said he gets tested for infections once a year and said he hasn't had sexual relations since he and his wife divorced in 2008.

Since 2008, Philippe said he has fathered 35 babies, who have been born across the province. All are in good health, he said, except for one child born with a genetic problem. Philippe said he was tested and the genetic issue did not originate with his sperm.

He says the oldest child he has fathered through sperm donations is now three years old. However, not all his children have been conceived by syringe, he has three other children who are in their 20s.
Philippe told QMI Agency that while the majority of his clients are lesbian couples, he has also done business with single mothers and infertile couples.

"I have fathered as many girls as boys," he said. "I don't have a magic number in mind as to when I'll stop, but I only want to continue doing this for another year or two. However, I will stay available for my clients who want brothers or sisters."

Philippe advertises his services on his website.

"A sperm of excellent genetic quality, my services are well organized, courteous, efficient and complete," his website reads. It continues, "It's a big honour for me to have this opportunity to serve."
He doesn't ask his client for money, but expects them to pay his expenses if he has to travel outside of Montreal. He also told QMI Agency that he promises couples that he'll be available at least once to meet his children "in the cadre of their quest for identity." However, he said he has renounced all parental rights to the children he fathered through sperm donation.

Donating sperm is not illegal in Canada. However, Shawn Upton, a spokesman for Health Canada, said the practice isn't entirely legal either.

"We can't give a clear response, but there is no criminal law against (donating sperm)," he told QMI Agency.

Alain Roy, a law professor at University of Montreal, said there is nothing illegal about donating sperm in Quebec, as long as the father doesn't receive money for his offering.

Philippe says donating sperm is therapeutic.

"After my wife and I separated, my therapist told me to take time before getting involved with another woman," he said. "I saw an ad from a lesbian couple searching for a sperm donor and that's how I started. Now, I love it."

He said that his services have allowed him to better enjoy life.

"My relationships with children and the population in general have improved," he said. "Any baby could possibly be mine."

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