Neighbour wants $25,000 for compensation over noise of boy playing basketball in his driveway



PETERBOROUGH, ON - A woman in Peterborough, ON is demanding $25,000 in compensation from her neighbour because her teenage son is playing basketball too loudly in his driveway.

Anne Langdon is also complaining a wooden panel - specially built on wheels to protect her window from an errant basketball - is blocking light from her apartment window.

Anne Elliott of Gilmour St. said she received the letter from lawyers representing Langdon last Friday.

"My client demands payment of $25,000 within 10 days of receipt of this letter for damages she has experienced, otherwise we may take legal action against you without further notice," the letter from Iler Campbell LLP Barristers and Solicitors in Toronto reads.

Langdon has not responded to a request for an interview.

It's the second push by Langdon in as many weeks to stop the 17-year-old from playing basketball in the driveway between the two houses.

A week earlier, Langdon issued a press release to inform the public that she has asked the province's Environmental Commissioner to investigate.

Neighbours have rallied to support the Elliotts.

Dr. Doug Lukinuk, a local chiropractor who organizes a basketball program and raises money for equipment, created a petition to support "freedom to play basketball in your own driveway." The Elliotts' son has volunteered for Lukinuk's basketball program for children.

Langdon lawyers said in a letter she is a professional writer who requires peace and quiet to earn her living and there's a growing body of evidence that suggests environmental noise is linked to cardiovascular disease.

The $25,000, they said, would compensate Langdon for ongoing disruption of the enjoyment of her home, damage to her health and wellbeing, the loss of light during the summer of 2011 when the panel blocked daylight from her apartment for extended periods and possible moving and relocation expenses.

Langdon moved into the apartment in May 2008. She alleges the issues begin in summer 2009.

Langdon has called police and the fire department about the situation.

"It's been hell for three years," Elliott said.

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