Sister sobs at sentencing hearing for Toronto Bible-page killer

Patrick Kirk Barrett, 39, is accused of murdering Lucita Charles, 28.



TORONTO — The sister of murder victim Lucita Charles wept on the witness stand Tuesday, saying Patrick Barrett took "everything" from her when he bludgeoned his lover and stabbed two pages of the Bible to her chest.

In a poignant victim-impact statement heard at Barrett's sentencing hearing, Sheran Charles said Barrett, 41, deprived Lucita's profoundly disabled son Mataeo of his mother's love forever.

Mataeo, now 10, has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak, walk, feed himself or see.

"Lucita's murder took everything from me. It took my identity, security, innocence, happiness," Sheron told Justice Nola Garton.

Sheran said she could only imagine "the pain and terror Lucita suffered at the time of her murder, the horror and betrayal she felt when she realized that someone she once loved was now taking her life."

Murdering a helpless child's only parent deprived Mataeo of something irreplaceable, said Sheran.

"He will never again feel the softness of her kisses. . .will never again feel the reassuring touch of his mother."

Last month, after only five hours of deliberations, a jury reached its verdict, finding the devout Christian guilty of second-degree murder in the bizarre May 2010 death of his girlfriend Lucita, 26.

Garton will decide on Nov. 27, how many years Barrett, 41, must wait before he can seek parole. He is now serving a life sentence.

Crown attorney Jill Cameron is calling for 17 years "for the savage cruelty and terrible injuries inflicted upon a defenceless, half-asleep woman."

Barrett picked through his Bible and neatly tore two pages and pinned them to her lifeless chest.

The actions demonstrate Barrett's "callousness and cruelty," said Cameron.

Barrett cherry-picked which religious tenets to honour, noted Cameron.

For example, he opposed abortion but murdered an innocent woman, she explained.

Barrett stole Lucita's money and drove to Montreal with another woman.

Defence counsel Peter Bawden asked for 12 to 14 years.

Barrett's lawyer said his client pleaded guilty to manslaughter before the jury.

His tool-and-die making education, devout religion, non-violent past and steady work record bode well for his rehabilitation, said Bawden.

But his religious dedication is a "doubled-edged sword" as the murder occurred "in the signature moment of his life, so his faith failed him," said Bawden.

Barrett apologized in court for killing Lucita, saying: "I hope ... they will forgive me for my transgressions."

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