HIV-positive accused says he didn't try to infect or kill anyone


OTTAWA — Steven Boone insisted Wednesday that graphic MSN chats about “breeding” sex partners HIV positive were just fantasy -- though they bore striking similarities to what he was doing in the real world.

Convicted last month of charges including three counts of attempted murder for trying to infect sex partners with HIV, Boone is back on trial facing similar charges.

This time a developmentally-disabled man alleges he tried to forcibly penetrate him without wearing a condom or telling him he was HIV-positive.

Boone contended he wasn’t interested in having sex with him -- despite graphic sex chats -- and didn’t try to penetrate or intend to infect or kill him.

But prosecutor Meaghan Cunningham noted that in April 2010 he chatted online with a “bug chaser” about planning to “breed” a 21-year-old he met on Facebook. Simultaneously, he was setting up sleepovers with the alleged victim, a 21-year-old he met on Facebook.

“I was using an example from my life but I was telling him what he wanted to hear not what actually was going to happen,” Boone said, adding he’s really “very shy” and “I say a lot of things online that are never going to happen in real life.”

Cunningham went after Boone’s contention that he didn’t disclose his HIV status only in cases where the sex was low risk.

She put to him one chat where he told a man he was “clean,” and a string of men said Boone told them that before “bare” anal sex.

Boone said “clean” didn’t mean HIV, it means other sexually transmitted infections.

“Having HIV doesn’t mean you’re dirty,” he said.

Boone said he got HIV accidentally from his fiance but was shown his posts from a “bug chaser” website in October 2008 that he was an “Ottawa neg twink looking to get converted.”

“That does not mean I actually meant what I wrote,” Boone retorted.

The 31-year-old has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault, attempting to administer a noxious thing and attempted murder.

The man, who’s mentally like a 10 to 12-year-old, told police that Boone twice tried to force sex on him during sleepovers in April 2010.

While he maintained Boone tried to penetrate him as he slept, his story became confused under cross-examination as he struggled to explain why he wanted another date with someone who tried to sexually assault him.

“My feelings were just mixed up,” he said.
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