T.O. transit commission reinstates streetcar driver who chased sex assault suspect

Toronto Transit driver Dino oroc with Local 113 Transit Workers President Bob Kinnear, speak with media at t the Transit Union hall on Wilson Av. in Toronto, Ont. on Fri. Nov. 16, 2012.



TORONTO - Streetcar driver Dino Oroc will soon be reinstated without losing pay for leaving his streetcar to chase a sex assault suspect, his union boss announced Friday.

Although the documents confirming Oroc's status hadn't been signed, Bob Kinnear told reporters that Toronto Transit Commission CEO Andy Byford assured him earlier that the veteran trolley driver would be back on track by the end of the day.

"I have been given that commitment by Mr. Byford," Kinnear said outside his union's office.

"We will meet in 45 minutes and ensure no penalty on pay and he will be reinstated," he said.
Oroc, 43, said he couldn't explain why he decided to chase the man Wednesday, after a female passenger complained she was brushed against in a sexual manner.

The suspect got away. Police later determined it was a physical assault, not a sexual assault.

"All I know is I was going by this woman's reaction," and another female passenger's corroborating allegation, Oroc said. "She was convinced there was a sexual assault."

As for his suspension for abandoning a transit vehicle after notifying Transit Control, he said "I knew there were certain procedures to follow... but it didn't stop me."

"I decided to chase and get a better look at this fellow," he said. "The lady was hysterical."
The suspect denied the assault before bolting.
Oroc said he doesn't regret giving chase.

He said when he met the woman after the suspect vanished, she didn't say much.

"She was just happy I was there," he said.

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