Pole removed from Quebec road after story goes national



MONTREAL -- It took a little national embarrassment for the Quebec government to remove two hydro poles sticking out of a rural Quebec road about 180 km east of Montreal.

The poles had been left sticking out of the ground since August after a construction company widened a stretch of the road. The hydro and transport departments claimed there was a miscommunication.

Drivers were swerving to avoid the poles for days and nothing had been done.

Then the story made national headlines. By Tuesday evening, the poles were gone.

Quebec's transport department said it has launched an investigation into how two government departments could communicate with each other so poorly.

Hydro-Quebec told QMI Agency that it did not receive political pressure to remove the obtrusions.

Cookshire-Eaton Mayor Noel Landry said citizens didn't complain because they knew that the problem would be fixed sooner or later.
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