Booze on bail earns Calgary woman jail

The Calgary Tower and other downtown skyrises are reflected in meltwater in Olympic Plaza



CALGARY -- Dancing in the streets isn't normally a crime.

But if you're on bail for manslaughter, drinking when you're not supposed to be and flashing your butt, that's a different story.

That's the lesson a Calgary woman learned Monday when she was given the equivalent of a 2 1/2 month jail term for breaching her bail conditions.

Court heard Marie Monique Lapratt was arrested Sept. 29 while drunkenly dancing at Olympic Plaza.

Crown attorney Tom Buglas told provincial court Judge Sean Dunnigan that Lapratt was on bail on a manslaughter charge which included a condition she not consume alcohol.

"She was found dancing in the Olympic Plaza," Buglas said. "She was exposing her buttocks. When Police apprehended her she was clearly intoxicated."

Defence counsel Maggie O'Shaughnessy entered a guilty plea on Lapratt's behalf to a single charge of breaching a recognizance.

"If you're going to breach a manslaughter (release order), then that's the way to do it," O'Shaughnessy said of her client's less-than-typical behaviour.

Added Dunnigan: "At least she picked a warmer month than this one."

The judge agreed the approximately 2 1/2 months Lapratt has served since her early fall arrest was an adequate punishment and sentenced her to a nominal one day.

Lapratt is scheduled to face a preliminary inquiry beginning Jan. 16, in the death of an elderly Calgary woman.

Lapratt's original July 14, 2010, aggravated assault charge was upgraded to manslaughter following the March 2011 death of Wai Ho Tam, 79.

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