Lawyer turns blame on accuser in court shrink's sex crimes trial

Dr. Aubrey Levin



CALGARY - The man who sparked criminal investigation against former court psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin dismissed suggestions he had abused the doctor.

Levin is accused of sexually assaulting 10 male patients under his care, most of whom were seeing him on a court's order.

Defence counsel Chris Archer, during cross-examination of one of the alleged victims, suggested a key portion of spy-cam video had been edited out by the witness.

The lawyer noted the secretly taped March 3, 2010, visit by the complainant to Levin's Peter Lougheed Centre office is cut off before it ends.

In the often heated exchange between witness and lawyer, Archer repeatedly suggested the video, which purports to show Levin fondling the man's privates, had been doctored.

"I'm going to suggest to you ... that portion of the video shows you taking out your penis and waving it at the doctor," Archer said.

"Absolutely not," the witness, who can't be identified, replied.

"You were basically sexually assaulting the doctor," Archer continued.

"That's the most hilarious thing I've ever heard," the man said.

"Did you start waving your penis at Dr. Levin at the end of that meeting?" Archer asked.

"Absolutely not, never in my life would I ever do that. Are you crazy?" the man replied.

"I'm accusing you, I'm telling you right now, you tampered with that video ... I'm asking you if you tampered with that video," Archer charged.

"Absolutely, 100% not," he said.

The witness' cross-examination continues on Wednesday.

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