Crown requests nine-months in jail for Calgary cancer faker

Kristopher Cook



CALGARY - Cancer faker Kristopher Cook should receive up to a nine-month jail term for swindling friends into making donations for his medical treatment, a prosecutor said Friday.

But the lawyer for the Calgary man said Cook's already done enough time behind bars, just over three months, and should be spared any further custody.

But defence counsel Joel Chevrefils' hope his client would be out before the holidays didn't pan out, as the judge reserved his sentencing until January.

Provincial court Judge Terry Semenuk said he wanted to hand down a written ruling in the case in light of the public interest surrounding it.

Crown prosecutor Mike Ewenson said further incarceration for Cook was necessary, to both deter him and others from similar scams.

Ewenson said crooks who used people's benevolence to commit fraud put charities at risk of future funding.
"These charities help the most vulnerable people in society," Ewenson said.

"The public will not continue to donate if they are suspicious of where the money's going," he said.
Both Ewenson and Chevrefils agreed whatever jail time Semenuk decides on he should follow it with up to two years of probation.

And included in his release conditions should be an order he pay $7,500 to the Canadian Cancer Society.

That's how much was raised for Cook in a July 8, 2011 fundraiser at a bar in which friends and others forked over cash for his fake brain tumour.

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