Edmonton bar shares Checkstop location on Twitter, sparks outrage

Credits: REUTERS/David W Cerny


EDMONTON — Social media erupted Saturday morning after a busy Edmonton bar posted a Checkstop location to its Twitter account.

The Treasury Vodka Bar posted “Checkstop scona road before sask drive -- heading towards whyte (sic)” just after 10 p.m. Friday night.

Within hours, the Twittersphere was buzzing with dozens scolding the ritzy downtown nightclub for the post.

“So many deaths can be prevented by getting drunk drivers off the road,” tweeted Sarah Jackson.

“Why would you want to be part of the problem not the solution?”

Upon contacting the number listed on the Treasury’s website, a manager had little to say about the post.

“Right now I have no comment on this, I can only say that it’s being dealt with.” he said.

The bar later said that their Twitter account had been “hacked” and the tweet was removed mid-afternoon Saturday.

But the bar wasn’t the only one caught up in the Twitter firestorm. TZ Technologies re-posted the nightclub’s post — which put them in the line of fire of the angry social media mob.

The user went on to say that they did not agree with Checkstops at all -- both posts were eventually removed and the account was eventually deleted all together.

The firestorm comes just days after Edmonton police asked the public not to send out locations of Checkstops aimed at catching impaired drivers.

In a recent interview with QMI Agency, an officer who makes his pay by catching impaired drivers, said it baffles him why anyone would want to help someone get away with drunk driving.

“I know it’s not politically correct to say, but what kind of moron wants to help someone get away with that,” said Const. David Green.

“Some people are against speeding, some aren’t. Everyone is against drunk driving, yet you’re saying ‘this is the way to go home and not get caught.’ The unfortunate thing is there is nothing we can do about it.”

The practice has prompted a heated online debate between those who think the information should be shared and those who deem it’s stupid and unethical.

But for those with MADD Canada, their stance is clear.

“A Checkstop which is tweeted allows an impaired driver to avoid that location, perhaps eventually causing a crash. What are these people thinking about? They’re not thinking,” said MADD national president Denise Dubyk.

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