Grandma pockets $50M lottery cheque

Credits: Dave ThomasToronto Sun/QMI Agency


TORONTO - Christmas Eve saw a grandmother of five collect a $50-million Lotto Max cheque, just in time for the holidays.

Susan Flam - in her mid-60s - is a Thornhill resident who originally thought she won $50,000 when she first checked her ticket in a grocery store on Saturday.

"I felt I got hit by a train," she said when she discovered it was a few more zeroes than she thought. A self-described homemaker, the mother-of-two says she enjoys doing charity work to "keep myself busy."

She also plays the lottery every week and has previously won $83.

"It's not going to change me, no," she said about hitting the jackpot. "It doesn't change who I am or what I do." With a husband - Ron Flam - who works as a chief financial officer for an undisclosed company, Susan says they have no plans to return to holiday shopping after her big win.

"No, we're just going to spend time with our family," she said. When her husband was asked if he would now retire from his job, he replied: "To me ... it's never been considered work. I enjoy what I'm doing and I'm happy to get up in the morning to do it.”

Both he and his wife say there are no immediate things they wish to spend the money on. "We have to think about it, it's just too overwhelming," she said. As a fundraiser, she says she doesn't have any specific cause in mind, saying they "have to think about it."

"I want to have my health, my family, and it's going to give me an opportunity to help my family and share this wonderful gift with them and maybe help some great causes," she said. Overwhelmed and “shaking inside,” Susan and Ron say they have no big plans for the holidays apart from a daughter cooking Christmas dinner for them at home.

“We're going to have dinner together,” she said. Her motto? Always pay it forward. “If you have something, you should always help those who need,” she said.

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