5 insane acts of heroism by everyday Canadian citizens

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We at Sun News Network admire bravery and heroism. While there are acts of  courage every single day, sadly, not all receive the attention they deserve. Here are five stories of people going above and beyond to protect others that deserve to be revisited.

Retired Alberta firefighter saves lives of 2 grandkids before dying in fiery

The 69-year-old Linden-based firefighter was trapped as both vehicles -- a  southbound truck pulling a utility trailer and a northbound truck pulling a  horse trailer -- erupted into flames, Sgt. Patricia Neely, of the Beiseker  RCMP, said.

"He was trapped but he managed to manoeuvre to reach the children in the  back and assist in getting them out the driver's side window to their  father, who had managed to get out the other side," she said.

"The grandfather handed the children through the window to the father."

'Heroes' thwart motel attack

Police hailed several people as "heroes" after they rescued a woman being  attacked, collaring a suspect eyed in a assault on an elderly woman in her own home.

And while police applauded Parminder Cheema's actions, there was nothing  like a mother's pride.

"I'm so proud of my son," Sukhdev Cheema said after her 31-year-old son went  into action to stop the attack outside the family-run Traveller's Inn.

"My son would do anything to help anyone."

Barrie man saves kids from motel fire

A Barrie man ran into the burning White Towers Motel three times to save two  small children and other guests from the fire that ripped through the  motel's eastern building.

"I just did what I hope somebody else would do for my children," said Dennis
Soules, standing outside the motel.

"I wasn't thinking about what I was doing. I was just trying to help."

Alberta boy, 7, saves little brother from flaming van

With his little brother trapped inside the family van, flames licking wildly  up its back and side into night sky, Nathaniel Gonzalez-Collins could hear  his mother screaming for him to help.

Alana Collins was on the opposite side of the van, somewhere off the highway
near Milk River, AB unable to get through the fire, burning her arms, to get  to three-year-old Luis Gonzalez-Collins.

She had to look to her seven-year-old for a moment of heroism.

Alleged robber killed in attempted home invasion in Mississauga, ON

It’s believed the homeowner, identified by neighbours as Mike Vrga, his wife and their children, a one-month-old and a 14-month-old, were inside when the  home invaders broke in.

“They were confronted by the homeowner and a struggle ensued resulting in the death of the young male,” Ruttan said. There is no information connecting the deceased to the homeowner at this point, he added.

Vrga suffered minor injuries, but his wife and children were not hurt.

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