Tot chews glass in Subway sub

Laura Clark uses tweezers to show a piece of glass found inside a Subway sub at her home in Peterborough on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

Credits: Clifford Skarstedt/Peterborough Examiner/QMI Agency


PETERBOROUGH – A three-year-old girl appears to be fine after her mother says she consumed and passed pieces of glass from a Subway sandwich last week.

However, the woman is frustrated and angry about the company’s response to the incident.

“They’re just not contacting us,” said Laura Clark, whose daughter, Aubrey, suffered cuts to the roof of her mouth, her cheek and tongue when she ate about half of a six-inch turkey sub Thursday morning at a Peterborough, Ont., Subway.

“There’s nothing being done,” by Subway’s head office, Clark said. “They’ve given us nothing but the runaround and pretty much downplayed everything that’s happened.”

A spokesman for Subway’s corporate office in Minden disputed Clark’s version of events, saying the company is investigating the incident and has been in touch with Clark.

“There is a customer who allegedly found a foreign object in her sandwich” said Mike Lopez, a development agent with Subway. “We have started an investigation and our franchisee has taken proper precautions and contacted all the appropriate people throughout Subway. The customer has been contacted by our insurance company… and as of right now we are still waiting for answers.”

The purpose of the insurance investigation is to determine whether the allegation is true, Lopez said.
Aubrey was examined at Peterborough Regional Health Centre and sent home after a doctor concluded the cuts to her mouth didn't require stitches, her mother said.

Clark said she and the doctor found seven pieces of glass in the remaining portion of the sandwich, ranging up to about half the size of Clark’s pinkie fingernail.

The next morning there was some bleeding when the girl had a bowel movement, and an examination of the stool revealed two more pieces of glass, Clark said.

Aubrey had an ultrasound to look for internal damage, and remains at risk of infection or a perforated bowel if any glass remains in her stomach.

Aubrey has had no symptoms since, Clarke said Tuesday.

The Peterborough County-City Health Unit conducted an investigation Friday and determined lettuce, from an outside source,  in the sandwich was the probable source of the glass.

An inspector found that staff at the restaurant had pulled and set aside the suspect lettuce and were using another product.

Because the source was determined to be a supplier, the health unit turned the investigation over to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which plans to start an investigation this week, beginning with an examination of the remaining lettuce and other ingredients in the sandwich.

A CFIA spokesman said the agency would try to confirm which ingredient contained the glass and then trace it to the source and contact the supplier.

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