Third man in Nova Scotia chained teen case opts for jury trial

A 16 year old boy was captured, chained and held in a house for two weeks in Nova Scotia



BRIDGEWATER, N.S. - The third man charged in a case of kidnapping, confinement and rape of a teenage boy that shocked Nova Scotia opted Monday for trial by judge and jury.

John Leonard MacKean, 63, is charged with sexual assault and communication for the purposes of sex with a minor.

He's been out on $1,000 bail since November and was not required to appear in court himself.

Last September, a 16-year-old boy shocked the tiny hamlet of Upper Chelsea on the rural South Shore when he knocked on neighbourhood doors begging for help while wearing only a hoodie. His wrists and ankles were chained together.

He told police he had managed to escape from a shack where he had been held prisoner and raped by men for about 10 days.

The report triggered a Canadawide man hunt for David James Leblanc and his younger live-in boyfriend, Wayne Alan Cunningham.

The pair allegedly led cops on a four-province manhunt with Leblanc being arrested outside of Thunder Bay, Ont., while Cunningham's body was found nearby.

The two have rap sheets that include break and enter and fraud, which they committed together.
Leblanc was out on bail and awaiting trial accused of sexually assaulting two young boys, aged two and five years old, and making child pornography at the time the crime with the chained teen is alleged.

MacKean was charged later, in November, and released on bail after a short court appearance.

The victim's mother was upset that Mackean was allowed back into the community to await trial, saying what her son went though was "horrific" and that the accused should remain in custody.

"That's her opinion. I deal with the issues that come forward based on what the law is, not on how any individual feels about whether or not someone should be released," defence attourney Mike Taylor said outside the courtroom.

Taylor is also representing Leblanc on both of his sex assault cases.

MacKean is scheduled to appear again July 25 in Bridgewater for a preliminary hearing.

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