Serpent year lucky for Vancouverites



The Year of the Snake is set to be a prosperous period for West Coast residents thanks to the city’s close proximity to the ocean and its prime spot nestled next to the mountains, according to feng shui expert Marlyna Los.

“This is a much calmer energy than last year,” she said, noting many of her clients moved away from Richmond after some predicted the outgoing Year of the Dragon would bring flooding and earthquakes to the region.

Los noted the Year of the Snake is composed of water and fire as its chi — or element.

She said this means people who are involved in education, be it students or teachers, will do quite well.

Furthermore, the water element means those in the communication and transportation sectors should be in for some success as well.

But Los has a warning for small business owners: the snake often symbolizes takeovers, meaning a lot of companies stand to be bought out by larger competitors.

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