Pot doc faces more charges

An Opp vehicle is parked outside the medical clinic in Coe Hill on Jan. 26. Dr. Rob Kamermans was taken into custody but no charges were laid. An estimated 20 officers from the OPP and the RCMP searched his home and office in the day-long search.



BELLEVILLE, Ont. – An embattled Coe Hill, Ont., family practitioner is facing additional allegations of “disgraceful” conduct from Ontario’s physician watchdog.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is pursuing further disciplinary action against Dr. Rob Kamermans, who is already facing Canada-wide medical marijuana-related fraud charges.

The controversial doctor will now have to answer to a plethora of further charges that college officials say stem from Kamermans involvement with medical marijuana and is separate from the clampdown on activities at his Coe Hill practice.

Additional disciplinary proceedings launched by the college last month claim Kamermans “is incompetent and/or failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession in his care of patients pertaining to the endorsement of medical marijuana declaration forms,” wrote college spokesperson Kathryn Clarke in an e-mail.

“It is also alleged that he falsified a record relating to his practice, and he signed or issued, in his professional capacity, documents that he knew, or ought to have known, were false or misleading,” she said.

It is further alleged Kamermans “permitted, counselled or assisted persons who are not members of the College to perform acts which should be performed by a member,” she said.

Kamermans is also facing a raft of criminal offences.

Kamermans, along with is wife, Mary Kamermans, a registered nurse, is also addressing fraud offences in a Belleville court. The Kamermans are currently on bail with strict conditions.

Kamermans, 66, and his 64-year-old partner, were charged August in relation to fraudulent endorsements of medical marijuana declaration forms in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and British Columbia between January 2011 and April 2012, police say.

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