Teen pleads guilty in two shootings


WINNIPEG - A mentally disabled teen who at age 12 participated in two chilling and potentially fatal shootings over a single day -- including one in a schoolyard -- has pleaded guilty.

And now, Manitoba Justice is setting wheels in motion for the youth, now 14, to remain locked up to undergo massive and expensive efforts to try and rehabilitate him before he turns 18.

The youth was out on bail for two violent muggings when on May 25, 2011, he went with another youth, 14, to "settle an ongoing problem" with five others on the grounds of a Winnipeg school.

The pair were armed with a loaded, sawed-off .22-calibre rifle, court heard.

The co-accused ended up with the gun and fired two rounds during an angry confrontation -- one into the air and the other directly in the group's direction. All involved then fled the area.

It was only by sheer luck nobody was injured, Crown attorney Susan Baragar said.

Later in the day, the youth -- armed with the same gun -- went with others to a home and tapped on the window.

When two people came out of the house, the boy opened fire, causing the victims to dart back inside. Police recovered bullets from the exterior of the house, but again, there were no injuries.

One of the victims watched the fleeing youth from a window and chased after him.

He responded by whipping around, aiming the gun at his pursuer and saying, "I'm gonna shoot you," or, "don't chase me or I'm gonna shoot you," court heard.

He then pulled the trigger but a faulty firing cap on the round meant the gun didn't fire. The youth ran away but was captured by police soon after.

Thursday's sentencing was completed in stages to open the door for the youth to receive an Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision (IRCS) sentence. He'd be just the 15th young person in the province to receive the rare sanction.

The youth, who had gang ties, suffers from severe Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

The IRCS sentence would be on top of a year of jail time he was handed for his role in the school shooting, Baragar said. He's been in custody since the date of the shootings.

Sentencing resumes in mid-March.

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