Skier killed in BC avalanche was employee of the resort

Credits: Al Charest/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency


CALGARY — Staff at Revelstoke Mountain Resort are mourning the loss of one of their own, a worker in the rentals department killed in an avalanche Friday.

On Saturday, search-and-rescue crews recovered the body of the skier, who was swept up along with two others in a snowslide in the Greeley Lake area, located outside of the boundaries of the resort.

Two of the buried skiers were dug out of the snow by others in the group, but the third did not survive.
The avalanche risk was rated as high at the time.

The man killed was a 24-year-old from Germany who worked in the rentals department and was a skilled skier, said Rob Elliott, the resort's general manager.

"He had been out in the back country quite often and he was pretty excited because, it being the touring mecca for Canada here, he was always out there every chance he could get," Elliott said.

"He has been out there many times ­­ it was just the wrong time."

The man was out for the day skiing with four friends.

"They were coming up the mountain and getting to a ski line that was going to take them back to Greeley Lake, but the back side had been loaded with a bunch of snow and a small slide started and dragged them into something that was pretty treacherous," Elliott said.

His name has not yet been released pending notification of his family.

"I'm sure getting that news will be very tough for them. My thoughts go out to them," he said.

Meanwhile, for the man's resort family, the tragic news has been difficult to take.

"He was a well-liked, enthusiastic gentleman and it's hard to take for most people," Elliott said.

It's the second deadly avalanche in southeast B.C. in a week.

Last Monday, German tourist Gotz-Thilo Ries was killed after he and several others, while heli-skiing, were caught up in a Category 2 snowslide that swept over an area east of Jumbo Mountain.

The buried were dug out by fellow skiers and guides, but Ries, the last to be pulled out, did not survive.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is about 400 km west of Calgary.

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