Oil change uncovers slick fugitive US sex offender

Britton D. Mckenzie, 66, a wanted sex offender form Wisconsin, who police say cut off his GPS locating bracelet on April 1, is in Ontario posing as an NFL scout, say Chatham-Kent Police.



CHATHAM, ON -- Chatham Chrysler president Dave Tessier thought he was talking to a former NFL player at his car dealership Wednesday, only to learn later the man with the Jeep plated "Pack26" was a sex offender wanted in the US.

"In the drive-thru he started telling some of the employees he had retired from the NFL in 1976," Tessier told QMI Agency Thursday. "I was walking through and overheard some of his conversation and I was introduced to him."

The pair talked for an hour about the man's connection to the Green Bay Packers as he waited for his 2005 red Jeep Liberty to undergo an oil and filter change.

"He came across like a real gentleman," Tessier said. "He told me ... after they retired his jersey that he became their scout and he was in Canada because he was scouting for new players for the team."

Before he left, the man offered to pose for a picture with his gold ring and personalized licence plate. Tessier took him up on the suggestion.

But later that evening after Tessier went home, he researched the customer and discovered he is a wanted sex offender from Sun Prairie, Wis.

"When they did the repair order up, he gave his real name, his real address and his real phone number in Wisconsin," Tessier said.

He called the Department of Corrections in Wisconsin and a woman confirmed the man was Britton D. McKenzie, a wanted sex offender who had cut off his GPS monitoring bracelet and disappeared April 1.

"She wanted to know how he got into Canada," Tessier said.

The department's website lists McKenzie as a registered sex offender, who is wanted on a probation warrant for lewd and lascivious behaviour and has a history of exposing himself to young women.

McKenzie is 66 years old, 5-foot-10, 165 pounds with grey hair and blue eyes.

Chatham-Kent police released information on the wanted man to other law enforcement agencies.

Tessier said he had looked into McKenzie's vehicle and noticed a map with cities marked on it including London, ON, and Goderich, ON.

"He was wearing the ring, he was wearing the jacket and you can clearly see the licence plate ... it was so shocking," he said.

People with information on McKenzie's whereabouts are asked to call their local police.

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