Serial masturbator to represent himself in court



VANCOUVER -- A man with a history of trailing young girls and women in Surrey, B.C. - and masturbating in front of them - will represent himself for an appeal of his latest exposures, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has decided.

According to court records, Kenneth Paul Burgar has been convicted and sentenced for at least five separate "indecent act in public" charges dating back to 1998.

His two latest cases date back to 2009 and 2010. Surrey RCMP said Thursday the arrests were due to the "smart thinking" of two groups of victims being followed in their cars by the masturbator.

"In the 2009 incident, he pulled up beside two females in a vehicle ... and was observed by the witnesses as exposing himself and masturbating," Cpl. Bert Paquet said.

In the latest incident, again in a vehicle, Burgar followed another female her passenger before she turned onto a side street to go home.

"In both cases, (Burgar's) plate number was provided by the witnesses, which was key in finding this individual," Paquet said.

The New Westminster court ruling on Wednesday determined Burgar, a man in his 60s who has a University of B.C. degree and a background in criminology, should represent himself in court because of his familiarity with the legal system.

Currently, he remains behind bars and has no income, according to the decision.

Court records also describe some of his past acts, including a case where a 16-year-old girl saw him twice outside her Surrey home in 2005 over several days.

The first time Burgar was across the street from her house and masturbating with his pants down. Three days later, she saw him again crouching in some park bushes.

Burgar was later found by police on his knees in the dirt without a shirt and exposing his genitalia.

Further back, a West Vancouver court file in 2003 described how a woman chased a naked Burgar into the Capilano River and then called police.

He received six months in jail for the crime.

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