Trial a 'nightmare' for man claiming sex assault by ex-coach



TORONTO -- A middle-aged man testified Wednesday he's "too ashamed" to admit to his grandchildren that he's a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

The 48-year-old tradesman said Michael Dimmick, a former hockey coach and Scouts Canada assistant, performed sexual acts "hundreds of times" while putting him to bed as a child.

"This is the worst nightmare that I'm living," he told Justice Mary Lou Benotto. "I feel I'm the one on trial."

The witness testified he was sexually abused by Dimmick from the time he was six or seven until he was 12.

His older brother, now 51, testified earlier in the trial that Dimmick subjected him to fondling and oral sex for five or six years.

Dimmick allegedly molested both boys separately during the same few years, but he left the older boy alone once he reached puberty and grew to 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds.

The prosecution is alleging that Dimmick started molesting the older brother when he was six years old and playing for a local hockey league, coached by his dad.

Dimmick assisted the boys' father both with hockey and in Scouts and became a regular at the family's home and summer cottage.

Dimmick, now 75, has pleaded not guilty to 14 sexual offences involving four boys, aged six to 14, between Sept. 1, 1968, and Dec. 31, 1978. The alleged victims' identities are covered by a publication ban.

The younger brother said Dimmick boosted his confidence, which waned due to his speech impediment and academic difficulties.

Dimmick treated him as a normal child and lavished him with treats, taking him to Maple Leaf games and parks, the witness recalled.

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