Mafia-linked mom set to go on trial in killings of daughters

Adele Sorella



MONTREAL - The trial of a Mafia-linked mother accused of murdering her two daughters is expected to begin Monday in Laval, Que., just north of Montreal.

Police arrested Adele Sorella on March 31, 2009, after she got into a car crash.

Hours earlier, her two daughters, Amanda, 8, and Sabrina De Vito, 9, were found dead in the family's home north of Montreal.

The victims' father is Giuseppe "Pony Tail" De Vito, who was charged in 2006 after an RCMP anti-Mafia operation dubbed Colisee.

He evaded police until his arrest in 2010. De Vito was convicted of conspiring to important and traffic cocaine for organized crime and sentenced to 15 years in 2012.

De Vito has been considered by Mafia observers to be an influential player in Montreal organized crime circles.

He is believed to be part of a Calabrian group of criminals who are at war with Francesco Arcadi, another known Montreal mobster who allegedly took over from Vito Rizzuto after the latter was arrested in 2004 and extradited to the U.S.

Sorella was in the news last December after a building of which she is listed owner was the scene of a gruesome assassination.

One or more gunmen entered the Cafe Domenica-In in December 2012 and started shooting, killing one man and injuring another. Police said the two victims were not associated with organized crime.

Sorella's lawyer is Pierre Poupart, former legal counsel for Guy Turcotte, who was found not criminally responsible for mental health reasons in 2011 after he admitted to stabbing his two kids to death.

The Crown attorney is Louis Bouthillier, who is also the lead prosecutor in the upcoming trial of accused killer Luka Magnotta.

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