Slain Winnipeg teen gang member's grave desecrated

Paris Bruce was killed last September. On April 30, a man allegedly urinated on his grave, said police.



WINNIPEG -- A relative of a teen fatally stabbed in a killing tied to tensions between rival gangs is suspected of defiling the grave of another teen beaten to death.

Derek Warcimaga, 18, spent the weekend in the Winnipeg Remand Centre after being arrested and accused of mischief under $5,000 as well as committing the rarely seen offence of indecent interference with a dead body or human remains.

Paris Bruce's Brookside Cemetery plot was vandalized and urinated on in broad daylight April 30, police and prosecutors say.

Warcimaga was allegedly identified in a video posted to Facebook.

It was spotted online by one of Bruce's relatives, court heard Monday.

A police source said Monday the video was not celebratory in nature.

According to the Crown, the video allegedly depicts Warcimaga first visiting the vandalized gravesite of his cousin "Clark." It's alleged he then marched over to Bruce's grave and kicked over flowers and other items before urinating on the plot.

A visit to Bruce's grave Monday shows little evidence of any apparent vandalism or damage other than a chipped placard.

Cemetery records indicate the "Clark" referred to in court is Clark (Clarky) Stevenson, 15, who was stabbed to death in the North End in September 2011 -- a death police linked to gang tensions between the MOB and the Indian Posse street gangs.

Warcimaga is also known as Derek Stevenson, court heard.

Bruce, 16, who had ties to the MOB Squad gang, was brutally assaulted last September and died days later in hospital.

Six reputed Indian Posse (IP) associates initially charged with manslaughter are now accused of first-degree murder and criminal organization-related charges. Justice officials allege Bruce's slaying was committed to further the interests of the IP.

Two teens with MOB ties were charged with second-degree murder in Stevenson's slaying.

It was not alleged in court Monday that Warcimaga has gang ties. He has no prior record and was released by Judge Rob Finlayson on conditions including posting a $1,000 surety, abiding by a curfew and staying out of Brookside Cemetery.

Finalyson called the allegations "disturbing."
Warcimaga was wanted at the time of his arrest, suspected of skipping court in April for gun-related charges stemming from a Sept. 27 search of a garage in the North End. He's suspected of illegally possessing a semi-automatic rifle which was stolen by an unknown person sometime between November 2009-2011.

Warcimaga is presumed innocent of all charges.

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