Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denies knowledge of raids at apartment linked to crack scandal

Police are seen outside of 320 Dixon Rd. on Thursday morning.



TORONTO - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he has "nothing to hide" in the wake of massive police raids that included a building tied to the crack cocaine allegations that have dogged him for a month.

Police say 42 tactical teams from 17 police agencies fanned out across the city and in Windsor, Ont., and executed 39 search warrants Thursday morningg as part of Project Traveller.

It's believed the now infamous video of the mayor allegedly smoking crack was once stashed at one of the buildings in the complex.

The raids come a month after a report by American gossip website Gawker alleged Ford was captured on video smoking what appears to be crack. Ford has denied the video exists or that he uses the drug.

After being peppered with questions about the raid for half the day, Ford snapped at reporters at City Hall.

"I've answered so many questions, I don't know if you guys can't get it through your thick skulls. Seriously?" Ford said.

When the mayor first arrived at City Hall Thursday morning, he said he didn't know anything about the raids.

Ford stepped out of Thursday's city council meeting to watch Chief Bill Blair's press conference on the raids, after which he congratulated the cops for their work.

"I want to thank the police for doing a great job getting, from what I understand, 40 guns off the streets," he said.

"This is why I support the police often and always because they're doing a great job, they're putting their lives at risk going into these places where there are guns and removing them off the street. That's what you call good police work."

During the press conference, Blair wouldn't reveal if Ford's name came up during the investigation. Asked if he's worried about being pulled into the police investigation, Ford shrugged it off.

"You can investigate me, you can do whatever you want, you can follow me around," he said.

Thursday's raids resulted in 19 arrests in Toronto and another nine in Windsor. But a total of 43 people have been arrested to date as part of Project Traveller, police said, adding more arrests are expected.

Cops have also seized 40 firearms, over $3 million in narcotics and $572,000 in cash.

-- With files from Chris Doucette



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