Winnipeg sex offender who targeted same woman twice jailed


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WINNIPEG -- A chronic sex offender who exposed himself to a woman at a downtown mall just months after he was released from custody for sexually assaulting the same victim was sentenced to two years in prison.

Corey Donald Wright, 41, was convicted after trial of indecent exposure and breaching a no-contact order.

"This was not the usual type of breach," Judge Lee Ann Martin said. "This was almost an act of veiled aggression.

Having already victimized this woman, he came out and essentially gave her the message that, 'Here I am again and nobody is going to keep you safe'."

In August 2009, Wright was sentenced to four years after he stalked a woman at Portage Place Shopping Centre, grabbed her around the waist and grabbed her crotch.

In September 2010, the Manitoba Court of Appeal reduced Wright's sentence to three years and ordered him released from custody. The high court ruled the original sentence was "not proportionate to the gravity of his offence."

Six months later, Wright was back in Winnipeg and spotted the same woman at Portage Place. Security video played in court showed Wright following the woman as she made her way from the east end of the mall toward The Bay overpass.

The woman testified she was exiting The Bay and walking back toward Portage Place when she heard a man call out her name.

"When I saw this person I knew it was Corey Donald Wright," she said. "I had 1% doubt because I was told he was still incarcerated. I had no idea that he had been let out early."

The woman said Wright was holding a large shopping bag in front of his crotch. When he removed it she saw he was masturbating.

The woman said she chased Wright and he ran outside.

Wright has more than 40 prior criminal convictions, including four convictions for indecent exposure and one for making indecent phone calls.

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