Victim tells Toronto court of alleged gang rape

Patrick Sikorski tries to hide behind his briefcase as he leaves 361 University Ave. courthouse in Toronto Wednesday August 7, 2013.



TORONTO -- She wanted to party with two handsome young men who offered her and a friend drinks and laughs at a luxury downtown condo.

Instead, the 32-year-old woman testified she ended up drugged, helpless and sodomized - passed around from one assailant to another at a downtown condo.

Patrick Sikorski, 27, identified in his LinkedIn page as the executive director of Omega Food Importers Co. Ltd. in Mississauga, Ont. - and son of a successful entrepreneur -has pleaded not guilty to gang sexual assault, administering a noxious substance and sexual assault in the Dec. 4, 2009, incident.

His friend, Daniel Griffiths, 30, a Toronto tradesman, has also pleaded not guilty to those charges.

The marketing graduate testified in a Toronto courtroom that she and her friend were invited back to the condo by the two accused after meeting them at the London Tap House.

After sipping on a glass of wine and taking a shot of vodka, she headed to the living room "and that's the last thing that I remember," she said.

Waking up in her underwear at home, she remembered nothing until the flashbacks hit her, court heard.

While tearfully recalling what allegedly happened the night before, she recalled lying face down and naked on a bed.

"And Daniel was behind me and he was on top of me penetrating me anally," she testified.

In another flashback, she said that during the attack, one man passed her to the other, court heard. She recalled feeling "really" sore.

"And it felt like maybe I'd been drugged because I'd never felt that way before," she said.

Neither man has a criminal record and each is free on $100,000 bail.

Both the alleged victim and her friend cannot legally be identified due to a publication ban.

The defence, headed by two of Toronto's most prominent lawyers - Edward Greenspan and David Humphrey - questioned her level of intoxication, the resulting gaps in her memory and her motive for going to the condo.

"How grown up is it to go to a strange man's apartment in the early hours of the morning?" asked Greenspan.

He suggested the witness was sexually attracted to his client, Sikorski, and Griffiths. She denied it, saying she and her pal "just wanted to continue the party."

Her friend awoke naked on the floor the morning after the alleged attack, court heard. She has not testified.

The trial continues Thursday.

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