Okotoks-based comic book artist starts up Comics For A Cause to raise money for Alberta flood relief

Comic book creator Dario Carrasco Jr. believes there's a hero in all of us and he's set out to prove it with Comics For A Cause and a group of his local artist friends, raising money to help the Canadian Red Cross with flood relief in Alberta.

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When the time comes to tap the hero in all of us, we step up in the best way we know how.

In late June, when Calgary and parts of southern Alberta were slammed with raging flood waters, leaving many homeless or with homes they no longer recognized, there was no shortage of heroes.

Some fed the hungry, victims and volunteers alike.

Others sifted through wreckage.

Donations aplenty were made.

For Okotoks-based comic book creator Dario Carrasco Jr., seeing the damage done with his own eyes, he thought of his pencils and paper.

“I don’t bake,” Carrasco joked.

“I would like to help in the best way I can, however I can ... I tried to put together whatever I had and (ended up) putting together one volume of stories.

“We saw the power of the flood and it was really horrible.”

Carrasco is bringing that volume — Comics For A Cause Presents: Mark Of The Gargoyle — to comic book shops and libraries in Calgary and Okotoks and other cities in Alberta.

Also for sale are T-shirts, as well as a group of artist pals doing sketches.

All money raised goes to the Canadian Red Cross and its flood relief efforts.

“Hopefully I can sell out the books and the shirts,” he said.

“The shirts are taking off a bit ... the books are kind of slow to sell.

“We get more from the sketches but we’re making a difference.”

In addition to the comic book shop and library visits, Carrasco will be at Red and White Calgary Comic and Toy Expo at McMahon Stadium, Sept. 15, and the Lethbridge Entertainment Expo in November.

If the name Comics For A Cause sounds familiar, it’s because it isn’t a new endeavour.

It’s been around since summer of 2007 and Carrasco brings it back every time he sees an opportunity to use his specific talent and help someone in need.

“I did the first launch of Comics For A Cause to help a friend. My friend had cancer,” he said.

“He died ... I wrapped up the fundraising (and) I raised a little bit of funds and gave it to his wife and kids. Just a little bit to help out.

“My goal is to help charitable organizations — my (main) goal is actually to help out the Alberta Children’s Hospital.”

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