Calgary torture victim's family tell court of heartbreak

Credits: Lyle Aspinall/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency


CALGARY -- Convicted killers Derek Campeau and Aaron Stevens showed no emotion Thursday as relatives of their victim read heart-wrenching statements in court.

Among those who spoke at their sentencing hearing were the widow and sister of Daniel Levesque, whom Campeau and Stevens helped torture before a third man took his life.

Levesque's widow, Tanis One Spot, talked of the devastating effect his death has had on their two children, particularly daughter, Aurora.

"He was her hero," One Spot said through tears, as Campeau and Stevens sat quietly in the prisoner's box.

She said a short time after Levesque's June 29, 2008, slaying, Aurora saw another girl her age playing with her family.

"She looked at me and told me that it wasn't fair, and that she wanted her dad," One Spot said.

"He will never be there again to hold her when she is sad, or lift her up when she is happy."

Levesque's sister, Marie, also explained the heartache she has suffered since his murder at the hands of Sheldon Worme while being beaten by all three men.

"I am so incredibly angry. Angry that your life was taken away so quickly and with such brutality," Marie Levesque said.

"Angry that your life meant so little to those who took it."

In sentencing submissions following the victim impact statements, Crown attorney Kirsti Binns said significant sentences were warranted for both Campeau and Stevens, who were convicted of manslaughter.

Binns told Justice Alan Macleod that a 15-year sentence for Stevens and life term for Campeau were in order for what she described as gratuitous violence.

"He was tortured over a prolonged time, he had injuries all over his body from head to toe," Binns said of Levesque.

"His face was virtually unrecognizable after the attack," she said, as images of Levesque before and after his death were displayed on courtroom video screens.

But lawyers for the two men argued for much lesser sentences.

Defence counsel Janna Watts, who acts for Stevens, said with double credit for pre-trial custody since the murder pre-dated legislation barring such calculations, her client has already spent enough time behind bars.

Watts noted Stevens has been in custody nearly 4 1/2 years, the equivalent of a nine-year term.

And defence counsel Pawel Milczarek, who represents Campeau, said nothing near the life sentence sought by Binns was needed.

Milczarek said a five- to seven-year term would be sufficient.

Macleod will hand down a decision on Nov. 14.

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