Calgary seniors pose nude for calendar

Photographer and model Susan Warner (L) joins one of her models Carol Finlay as the two show off the new 2104 Ogden House Senior Citizens' Club calendar at the gala presentation party at the hall in southeast Calgary, Alta. on Saturday Nov. 16, 2013



These maybe weren’t the centrefolds you were expecting to see.

These certainly weren’t the centrefolds they’d expected to be.

When the lady behind the camera told Albert Kinley to lose the shirt — strip to the waist — the 81-year-old was more than a little hesitant.

Up until then his wife was the only one who’d been able to see him in any state of undress.

And now here he was — posing for a nude (albeit tastefully covered) calendar.

“I was shy, to start with,” he said.

Kinley, whose nickname is Smiley, put on his namesake grin and did as told. A couple weeks later, he’s glad he did — he quite likes the way he looks as Mr. November, and how the Ogden House Senior Citizens Club fundraising calendar turned out.

It was the common reaction, program and volunteer co-ordinator Debbie LaRocque explained — she had to do a lot of “fancy talking” to bring club members around.

All calendar sales will go directly towards new programs and perks at the club.

Shy or not, that was all many club members needed to know before agreeing to get a little bit cheeky.

And some didn’t even need that much.

“They just had to tell me when to show up,” September model Lona Fiolek said.

LaRocque spoke to “key members” first, figuring they could do a lot of that “fancy talking” for her.

Gwen Hanna and Eileen Meierhofer wouldn’t have posed if their friend Ed Lyons hadn’t up and “voluntold” them.

They love their club, love each other like family — now they’re immortalized as Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. August.

“I think most of us wouldn’t even be here if our spouses were alive … I never knew about the club until my wife passed away,” said Lyons. “These two took me under their wings when I first joined the club, and they’ve looked after me.”

Meierhofer, who Hanna called “like a sister,” agreed, saying, “You have this big hole in your life and this has helped fill it for me.”

The calendar has a print run of 800 and club members will sell them at various locations after Saturday’s release party.

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