RCMP watchdog launches 'expedited' probe into High River gun seizures

RCMP Cruiser and Officer

Credits: Perry Mah/Edmonton Sun/ QMI Agency


OTTAWA - The Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP is sending investigators to High River, Alta. as it looks into complaints that Mounties illegally seized firearms during June flooding there, QMI Agency has learned.

"Commission investigators will be in High River from December 9th to 13th to speak to persons who may have been impacted," said Richard Evans, the commission's senior director of operations, in an email to Sun Media.

The commission is conducting an "expedited" investigation after irate citizens spoke out at a public meeting over the summer, complaining about Mounties taking away rifles and shotguns after bursting into flood-abandoned homes to conduct searches.

Evans says anyone who wants to speak to investigators should call 1-800-267-6637 or send an email to

It's not clear exactly when the commission's report will be completed and made public.

The commission has said, however, that while investigations typically take up to a year, this one would be done "sometime in December."

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