Ottawa men dig brunettes, Montrealers like red-heads: Survey

Paulina Gretzky


OTTAWA — Blonds might have more fun, but when it comes to stealing the hearts of Ottawa men, brunettes reign victorious.

That's according to an online survey by indicates. The dating website asked 750 men in the nation's capital to place bids on certain features and qualities they most desired in women.

The features and qualities, including hair colour, eye colour, smoking, drinking and education, were then objectively ranked based on the average dollar amount placed on first-date offers.

Based on the numbers, the “perfect woman” in Ottawa is a brunette with hazel eyes, who is a social drinker, doesn't smoke and has earned a bachelor's degree.

The traditional Barbie image — a woman with blond hair and blue eyes — came in second place and, according to the survey, Ottawa's perception of the perfect woman is drastically different compared to Montreal, where men are looking for a woman with red hair and green eyes.

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