SUN NEWS EXCLUSIVE - Justin Trudeau attacks Sun News over vets questions

Liberal Party leadership candidate Justin Trudeau

Credits: REUTERS/Mike Cassese


Liberal leadership frontrunner Justin Trudeau lashed out at a Sun News reporter today.

Reporter Alexandra Gunn was questioning whether Trudeau would ask Liberal candidate for Durham Grant Humes to remove controversial links from his campaign webpage, when he snapped at her.

Humes has recently come under fire by local vets for using Liberal campaign signs supporting veterans to link to a party donation site (www.durham4vets.org).

The attack on Gunn occurred while Trudeau was campaigning at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario.

When asked if there would be an apology for the posting, Trudeau responded, "If there was a problem with the website link then I know that it was done in good faith."

When Gunn then asked Mr. Trudeau if he would ask Mr. Humes to remove the controversial links, Trudeau responded in anger.

"I'm asking Mr. Harper to take care of our veterans. How's that? I'm asking Mr. Harper to respect the veterans that he hides behind every single step of the day. And the fact that you're not asking about that is frankly disingenuous, but I expect no better from Sun News."


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