MPs say Fontana makes all politicians look bad

Liberal MP Scott Andrews.

Credits: REUTERS/Chris Wattie


OTTAWA - A Liberal MP says allegations against London, Ontario, mayor and former MP Joe Fontana make all politicians look bad.

Speaking to reporters hours after Fontana was formally charged for allegedly using taxpayer money to pay for his son's 2005 wedding reception, Scott Andrews said those allegations should be pursued to the "full extent of the law."

"Every member is responsible for their own dealings, and he's got to be responsible for that himself," Andrews said. "The allegations against him are very serious."

NDP MP Charlie Angus said it is because of behaviour like Fontana's that "Canadians get so frustrated with politics."

"How could it be that a minister of the Crown (could) write cheques for his son's wedding on the taxpayers' dime?" he asked. "Canadians threw the Liberals out because they were tired of corruption."

Another Liberal MP, Frank Scarpaleggia, takes the allegations seriously and hopes authorities will as well.

"I don't understand how this could happen. If it's true, it's very, very bad and serious."
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