Twitter meltdown fells NDP MP

NDP MP Pat Martin cheers during a Movember event on the front steps of Parliament Hill



OTTAWA -- A NDP MP with a history of Twitter outrage and shooting from the lip is leaving the Twitterverse after another profanity-laced thumb tirade, but won't be disciplined for his latest meltdown.

Pat Martin -- who is also the subject of a $5 million lawsuit for comments he made about a robo-calling firm -- blew a gasket Wednesday night because he wasn't invited to a funding announcement in his Winnipeg riding.

In a series of Tweets, he told one participant to "F--- off," said he was "fed up" with the "rat-faced whores" at the Conservative party, and regurgitated the sex life of political foe Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, the senior minister for Manitoba.

"Listen, I would never judge someone who screwed their babysitter for years or knocked up their secretary, so don't ask me to respect...," he said in one tweet.

"Look ... Given the parliamentary session we've just endured, the term 'rate faced whores' is using a great deal of restraint...," he said in another.

Martin had been flying under the radar for the last several months until he fell off the wagon over an announcement to build residential units for newcomers.

He used the perceived snub to rip into a Christian group called Youth For Christ that has also received infrastructure funding. Martin doesn't like the group and calls them "fundamentalists" and Toews' "donors" and "buddies."

Toews said Martin has been a failure to his constituents and has been spreading lies about the group.

"It is beyond comprehension why he would attack an organization for its religious affiliations," Toews said.

The minister said the funding announcement that set Martin off was a federal-provincial arrangement with the province picking up the larger share.

"Apparently not even the provincial NDP government wants Pat at their announcements," Toews said.
Karl Belanger, a senior official in NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's office, said the comments were "inappropriate and unacceptable."

"Mr. Martin agrees and we understand that he has decided to stop using his Twitter account," Belanger said, adding no further action would be taken.

Julie Carmichael, Toews' director of communications, tweeted that Martin should seek anger management counseling and provided a guide to therapists.

In his final tweet before deleting his account Thursday, Martin apologized.

"It seems some people shouldn't tweet so with this, I sign off," he thumbed for the last time, or not.

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