Ontario party leaders' plans for new year

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty



TORONTO -- Life in the slow lane is looming for Premier Dalton McGuinty and he's resolving to make the most of it.

The three-term premier threw Queen's Park for a loop in October when he announced his retirement, pending the choice of a new Liberal leader in January, and is now contemplating how he'll fill the days in 2013 once he's no longer sitting in the second-floor corner office at the provincial legislature.

Number one on his list of New Year's resolutions - supplied after a request by QMI Agency - is "to read the front section of the newspaper last and the sports and entertainment sections first."

It sounds relaxing but, for McGuinty, who's been leader of his party for 16 years, premier for nine and an MPP for 22, it might be a little too low key. So, he's also resolved to "encourage telemarketers so my phone rings from time to time."

But, above all, McGuinty said he wants to make sure he always remembers the honour he had to serve and "never forget how lucky I was to serve Ontarians as premier."

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said he'll carry on in the New Year "putting forward clear, bold, conservative ideas to turn Ontario's economy around," but he's also got some personal goals to pursue.

"I'd like to try and lose a little weight after all the big Christmas meals I'll be having with my family," Hudak said in an e-mail. "Check back with me next year and see whether or not I managed to lose that weight and fit into those old acid washed jeans from my 20s.

"When I'm at home, I'd like to be better at putting the BlackBerry in a drawer more often and enjoy more time with my daughter Miller and wife Debbie.

"Maybe I'll even learn a few dance moves with Miller on the Wii," he mused.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is staying the course with her New Year's resolutions, vowing to stick to the commitments she's already made to voters.

Horwath said she will "continue to ask Ontarians what they think" and "to continue to listen to Ontarians," as well as "keep focusing on getting results for people" and "putting people first."

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