Wynne unveils list of supporters

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TORONTO – Ontario Liberal leadership hopeful Kathleen Wynne has 10 new names in her corner.

Those now endorsing Wynne to replace Premier Dalton McGuinty include former federal and provincial cabinet ministers, MPs, MPPs, riding presidents and community leaders.

"I am happy and really honoured to have people involved in politics who know the system supporting me," Wynne said Thursday while announcing her new supporters. "We are doing everything we can to reach out to folks one conversation at a time. We aren't going to give up."

Wynne is going to win in Hamilton, said Sheila Copps, former Liberal deputy prime minister and former Hamilton MPP.

"Kathleen shares my values, she shares my passion for public service, and she's a true Liberal. She is kind and compassionate and a tireless proponent of social justice, but she also knows that fair policies built for people only work when they're built within fiscal realities," Copps said.

"She has the leadership skills to get things done, the judgment to choose what's best for Ontario."

Also in Wynne's corner is Charles Beer, MPP for York North from 1987 to 1995, who says Wynne knows how to bring people together to solve problems.

"She doesn't shy away from conflict, which is inevitable when the issues are tough ones. She likes resolving conflict -- not by looking to win, but by looking for a durable solution that incorporates different perspectives," Beer said.

"As a mediator myself, I admire Kathleen's ability to listen and learn from diverse views, and to find helpful ways to forge common ground where none seemed to exist before."

Christine Hart, an MPP for York East from 1986 to 1990, says Wynne should be the leader of the Ontario Liberals because she cares about the people in the province.

"I've heard her speak on several different files, and what comes shining through in every instance is a focus to provide Ontarians with the tools we need to care for ourselves and each other," Hart said.

Others supporting Wynne include Toronto Councillor Shelly Carroll; Cindy Waters, 2011 liberal candidate for Parry Sound-Muskoka; Roger Martin, president of the Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington Provincial Liberal Association; James Borer, president of the Stormount-Dundas-South Glengary Provincial Liberal Association; Keith Pacey, president of the Nipissing Provincial Liberal Association; Nathan Grundy, president of the Trinity-Spadina Provincial Association; Rob Oliphant MP for Don Valley West 2008-11.

The Liberal will decide their new leader at a convention in Jan. 25-26.

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