Health inquiry roadshow makes Calgary stop

Former Alberta Health Services CEO and president Dr. Stephen Duckett is seen on a television while testifying from Australia on the second day of the Health Services Preferential Access Inquiry



CALGARY -- The public inquiry into queue-jumping complaints in Alberta's health system will hop down to Calgary for a series of hearings beginning Monday.

Trying to unearth whether or not there's been "improper preferential access" to publicly funded health services, the inquiry has already heard testimony from a number of current and former health officials, among them, Premier Alison Redford's sister, Lynn Redford, who serves as an executive in special projects for Alberta Health Services, and former Alberta Health System (AHS) boss Stephen Duckett.

Former associate health minister and current Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman and former health minister Ron Liepert are also among those who have spoken out as part of the inquiry.

Among those scheduled to testify Monday in Calgary is Sheila Weatherill, former CEO of Capital Health. Weatherill resigned from her AHS board post in August after revealing she had signed off on some $340,000-plus worth of expenses ranging from fancy dinners to a car phone that were filed by former executive Allaudin Merali.

On Tuesday, former Capital Health director Wendy Kinsella is supposed to speak, along with nurses and other officials, and on Wednesday, a handful of operating and surgery officials will take the stand.

On Thursday, Health Minister Fred Horne is slated to testify along with Neil Wilkinson, former board chairman of Capital Health.

And discussions on Friday expected to turn to the Calgary Flames.

In the fall of 2009 it was revealed players were given the high-in-demand H1N1 vaccine without waiting in line, prompting public outrage.

Former AHS board chair Ken Hughes, who is now the province's energy minister, is among those scheduled to speak at the inquiry Friday.

Public hearings will take place Monday through Friday and Jan. 14 to 18 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily in Room E1 of Macleod Hall at the Telus Convention Centre, located at 120 9 Ave. S.E.

A full schedule and more information on the inquiry are available at healthaccessinquiry.com

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