Show me jobs, slay deficit: Hudak

PC Leader Tim Hudak speaks to the Toronto Region Board of Trade on Wednesday February 13 2013

Credits: Antonella Artuso/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency


TORONTO -- Two little words: jobs and deficit.

That's what it will take to get the PC Leader Tim Hudak to work with new Premier Kathleen Wynne in the upcoming session.

Hudak sent a letter to Wynne over the weekend, saying he appreciates her approach and the fact that she's already met with him twice.

"Ontario cannot afford to continue the same approach that your predecessor took for the past decade," Hudak told Wynne in his letter.

He says Wynne needs to immediately put forward a plan to reduce government spending and strengthen the economy.

In an interview Moday, Hudak said it was discouraging that after the government finally got tough with teacher salaries, they backed away. In her new cabinet, Wynne demoted former education minister Laurel Broten.

"To me, that sends a message they have lost the appetite for taking on the public sector unions," Hudak said.

Hudak added Wynne must immediately take measures to kick-start the economy.

He said the government can't use a "smorgasbord" approach to pick and chose items from the NDP wish list and his proposals.

"The reality is that we've already lost four months," Hudak said, referring to the shut down of the legislature.

"That was a betrayal of the people and we have actually spun our wheels at a time when we should have been getting spending under control."

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