Quebec language cops target 'pasta'



Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) has struck again -- this time against the word "pasta" on a the menu of a Montreal restaurant.

Radio station CJAD reports that Italian restaurant owner Massimo Lecas had a visit from the language cops for violations of Bill 101, which included having the word "pasta'" on the menu.

OQLF spokesman Martin Bergeron has said he won't comment on the issue.

No action will be taken over one or two words, however, as at least half of the text on menus in the province must be in French.

"Basically they're saying we don't like the predominance of Italian over French in your menu," Lecas told CJAD, "so they circled the word 'pasta', they circled the word 'bottiglia', they circled the word 'antipasto', but they didn't circle the word 'pizza'."

The story has gained traction on social media, with Facebook page, entitled Put Canadian Flag Back In Quebec Assembly, leading the charge.

The group has been instrumental in starting protests against Quebec's new Bill 14.

The bill would build on Bill 101 -- The Charter of the French Language, which was passed in 1977 -- in what some are calling the Parti Quebecois anti-English agenda.

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