NDP taking on Harper in new campaign

NDP MP Guy Caron speaks to the media with NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen and Finance Critic Peggy Nash at Parliament Hill in Ottawa May 7, 2012.



OTTAWA -- The NDP will launch a campaign Sunday in Quebec against the Harper government using a twist on the Prime Minister's "Our region in power" slogan, which he used there in the 2011 federal election.

The anti-Conservative campaign features the slogan, "Our region abandoned by Stephen Harper", as well as a website.

"We will be using this so the government will be haunted by past promises that have been broken and reminded of its systemic destruction of regional economies," says NDP MP Guy Caron.

Caron then ran through a long list of services that have been cut by the Harper government in Quebec. EI changes, cuts to postal services, to marine research centres and marine safety guards are all things Quebecers won't soon forgive this government for, Caron said.

"Cuts to VIA rail," he went on. "Those lines are extremely important to some of these regions in Quebec. The Harper government has weakened economic development in out regions and that goes against everything he said during the campaign."

If the offensive aims primarily at Harper, it addresses the Bloc Quebecois as well; the campaign will launch from the Saguenay area represented by recent defector MP Claude Patry.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair will be joined by MPs Alexandre Boulerice, Nycole Turmel and Dany Morin to kick off the campaign in several regions of Quebec simultaneously. Records on EI and forestry will be targeted by the NDP.

"People here remember the slogan [from 2011]," Caron said. "They can't understand why they're under attack."

-- With files from Dominique La Haye

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