RCMP lay out case against Duffy

Senator Mike Duffy arrives for Senate at Parliament Hill in Ottawa June 4, 2013.

Credits: Andre Forget/QMI Agency


OTTAWA - The RCMP believe Sen. Mike Duffy is a fraudster who tried to feather his nest at the expense of taxpayers and Conservative Party donors, according to police documents filed with the Ontario Court of Justice.

In those documents, an RCMP investigator alleges Duffy, the former CTV broadcaster who represents P.E.I. in the Senate, "has demonstrated a pattern of filing fraudulent expense claims."

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Moreover, the documents, prepared by RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton, allege that the Conservative Party of Canada was prepared to give Duffy the money to pay back ineligible expense claims until it learned Duffy owed three times more than expected.

That's when Nigel Wright, the former Bay Street multimillionaire who had been serving as Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff, stepped in and cut Duffy a $90,000 cheque from his personal account, "believing it was the proper ethical decision that taxpayers not be out that amount of money."

Horton's affidavits, dated from late June, were obtained by several news organizations including The Toronto Star, CTV, and The Globe and Mail, each of which published excerpts Thursday.

Those organizations say The RCMP affidavit is clear that Duffy is a target of the police probe but say the RCMP has not yet decided if Wright is a witness or a suspect.

The RCMP, though, say the Wright-Duffy deal amounts to "constituting an offence of Frauds on the Government."

Wright's lawyers told the RCMP that while three of his PMO colleagues knew about the deal, Harper himself was kept out of the loop.

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