Raise minimum wage in Ontario to $14 per hour: New union says

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Unifor, Canada's newest union, has called for the minimum wage in Ontario to be increased to $14 per hour.

The union's Jim Stanford and Jordan Brennan presented its case to a panel studying minimum wages in the province Friday.

Unifor says the current minimum wage - $10.25 per hour - has been frozen for three-and-a-half years, "during which time its real purchasing power has eroded by over seven per cent.

"It is terribly unfair that Ontario's lowest-income workers have experienced such a significant reduction in their real wages, at a time when working families need every penny," Stanford said in a statement.

The Unifor submission also endorsed the concept of a "living wage," which is a wage sufficient to allow a family of four, with two wage-earners, to pay for the basic necessities of family life.

Unifor says studies have estimated the living wage in Ontario to be around $18 per hour, "and so increasing the statutory minimum to $14 must be only the first step of a broader strategy required to ensure all Ontario workers can enjoy decent living standards."

The super-union - comprising more than 300,000 former members of the Canadian Auto Workers union and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union - was founded at the end of August.

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