Mounties request documents from Senator Mike Duffy

Government Leader in the Senate Claude Carignan.

Credits: REUTERS/Chris Wattie


OTTAWA — The RCMP has requested documents from embattled Sen. Mike Duffy following two speeches he gave in the Senate about the expenses scandal.

The letter from Supt. Biage Carrese, dated Nov. 1, requests an e-mail from Nigel Wright dated Dec. 4, 2012, that allegedly said Duffy's expenses were in order, a two page document from Sen. Marjory LeBreton from Jan. 6, 2009, about the Senate's residency policy, and e-mails from the Prime Minister's Office that allegedly discussed a script for Duffy to follow before he obtained a loan from RBC to repay the Receiver General.

"The existence of such documentation may potentially be evidence of criminal wrongdoing by others," the letter says.

The Senate is set to vote on the future of senators Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau, who are accused of inappropriate expense claims.

Debate was capped early Tuesday morning and a vote is expected at 5:30 p.m. ET to decide whether to suspend the three senators.

Tory Sen. Yonah Martin, deputy government leader in the Senate, argued it's beginning to feel like Groundhog Day in the upper chamber, with debate going in circles since the first suspension motion was introduced Oct. 22.

And the government's point man in the Senate, Claude Carignan, said it's high time to toss the trio out.
"It is the prime minister's and my view that these three senators who abused the taxpayer should not be collecting a public paycheque," he said.

The cornered trio have fought on the Senate floor against being punished, pleading for clemency from colleagues, arguing they're being denied a fair hearing and are victims of shifting Senate rules.

Duffy used his platform to toss bombshell accusations at the PMO, including that the party cut a $13,560 cheque to cover his legal bills.

On Monday, Brazeau sent a letter to parliamentarians arguing his expense claims were in line and warning them they too may end up "scapegoated" as an "entitled 'fatcat'."

The Senate Liberals have been pushing for all three senators to be able to plead their cases before a televised committee.

A handful of Tory senators and MPs also balked at what they say is a failure of due process.
Last week, a visibly frustrated Prime Minister Stephen Harper called on the Senate to quickly remove the Conservative-appointed trio.

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